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The cast is back together to get in heated debates about deloading, repackaging nutrition info, and much more!

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  • Hello Kevin, Jon & Leigh. Enjoy the podcast.I use full body workouts (1 upper body push, 1 upper pull and 1 lower body movement) 3 x per week with 1 day of rest between. I rotate between sets of 5 and sets of 10. For example Mon – H push/pull & DL sets of 5. Wed V push/pull & lunge, sets of 10. Fri – H push/pull & GHR, sets of 10. Sun – V push/pull & Squat, sets of 5. Rinse & Repeat. By rotating my reps in this manner, am I by default incorporating deloading?
  • This question has to do with Celiac “Disease”. I put it in quotes because the conspiracy theorist in me thinks it seems like a manufactured illness. I’m only 24 years old, but in my whole life I had never heard about it until the last 5 years or so. Now I personally know three people who have it, all diagnosed in the last 3 years… A 30 year old male, overweight, a woman over 75, generally good health and another woman in her early thirties, a little overweight. I’m just confused as to why it suddenly is so prevalent in our society… what are your thoughts? The below blog post got me thinking about it again:http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2010/09/19/paleo-diet-solution/Thanks in advance you guys, I hope this sparks some good conversation… unless of course you guys have already covered this, in that case I apologize for making you repeat yourselves.

    Mark in SLC

  • Hey Kevin and the rest of you guys. This questions for Jon.
    For the last few months every time I internally rotate my leg with my foot planted on the ground my knee has been ‘clicking’, it would become particularly noticeable between sets when I squat. I have to admit that occasionally I’d actively do it on purpose too, clicking joints is a very bad habit of mine, but there was never any pain so I ignored it.
    Last week though whilst squatting I experienced a sharp pain in my knee that made me cut my sets short and there’s been a noticeable pain constantly ever since. It’s not affecting my walking or day to day actions but its definitely noticeable and uncomfortable.  I compete in Olympic Weightlifting and consider myself to have great squat technique, with zero valgus. Any insight to causes/prevention of this pain would be hugely appreciated! Thanks in advance, Rhys, in rainy England.

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3 Responses

  1. Mark (in SLC) says:

    Fist off, yes SLC is Salt Lake City. Didn’t realize it was that insignificant… lol. Thanks for going in depth about celiac disease, that was very informative. I just wanted to clarify that I don’t think people are faking it or anything like that. It just seemed odd to me about the “sudden” increase in the diagnosis of this condition. Thanks again for the insight into something I was previously uneducated about.

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