Episode 199: Rated M for Mature

The FitCast goes off the rails a bit this week after the cast hasn’t been together for a while. Kevin, Jon, and Leigh open up the mail bag and answer a bunch of questions from the audience.

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  • Episode 200

o   Dan John CONFIRMED!


  • The Twinkie diet, discuss. (from like 14 people)
  • I don’t want to make this a personal question. I would love to hear you guys discuss female fitness and appearance. If women are into fitness, they do not look like the average woman. If they are into running they are often quite thin, and if they like weights, they are often more muscular. Heavy women complain about the unsolicited comments they get about their appearance, but as a fit woman, I get a lot of comments, good and bad. Cover girl types don’t look very fit, is being more defined a less attractive look? As many people start getting fit to improve their appearance, I think this is an important topic and would love to hear your thoughts. –Laurel
  • Discuss the relation of DOMS or lack thereof and hypertrophy.
    In my part of the interwebz this question is almost as big as
    “how should i supplement creatin?”. Personally i dont think that “you need
    to get DOMS after a training or else its useless”. But is it ok
    not to have DOMS for weeks or even month of training (while increasing
    training weights whenever possible)? Please elaborate!
    Greetings from Switzerland,
    (maybe someone can read this with a swiss accent 🙂 )
    – David
  • Kev, Dr. J-Fass, and Leigh,
    WHAT THE HELL IS UP?!!!! (my version of “WHATTUP”)

    I have a quick question regarding OLIVE OIL vs FISH OIL.

    Over the past few years (with tons of help from the topics on your show), I have become the “go-to” guy at my work regarding fitness and nutrition. An older gentleman came to me and said how his doctor told him to take 2 tablespoons of OLIVE OIL daily, how it would help with his cholesterol and blood profile and also would be a great anti-inflammatory.

    I knew this…and started comparing it to FISH OIL (epa/dha) that I pay 49 dollars per bottle for!
    I really couldn’t come up with any benefits that FISH OIL brings that OLIVE OIL doesn’t!

    And since the cost is nearly 4x MORE for the FISH OIL, I’m curious whether I can do a straight swap: FISH OIL out, OLIVE OIL in.

    What do y’all say?

    Keep it real homies! –Johnny

  • Hey guys, I just wanted to get your opinion on lifting straps.  Do you use them?  Right now, I only use them for failure sets or heavy sets on exercises like deadlifts or bent-over rows.  Would you recommend them or just have somebody use the weight their grip can handle?  Thanks for any info.  Will, NJ
  • Hi Kevin,I am thinking about joining a gym and taking the morning (5:45 a.m.) class schedule of cycling/spin on MWF and Body Pump T/Th. I have been running every other day for 30 to 60 minutes and don’t want to give that up totally. Which days would it be best to run in the evenings – the cycling days or the Body Pump days? (By the way, I know you don’t recommend the BP-type of lifting, but I need to start somewhere and don’t have the motivation to lead myself.)

    Thanks for any input you can provide!

  • Hi all,
    Firstly I would like to thank Mr. Fass for his advice on my pelvic alignment issue whilst sitting which you answered on your show recently. It has improved enormously thank you.

    On another note again probably due to avoidance from putting any weight on my right side from a lower back injury my right leg feels weaker than the left when crouching down or stepping forward. This has gone on for over 2 years now even after now being able to fully perform the following lower body exercises in a full body workout 3 times a week.

    Rear elevated foot single leg squats with dumbells and Single leg deadlift with a kettle bell.

    Your valuable advice again would be most appreciated.

    Nigel from Manchetser

  • Hey Fitcast crew,I have a question about force feeding to put on weight.

    This is my situation – I am 6′, 207 lbs and around 10-12% body fat. I have been weight training for 4 1/2 years. When I started training I weighed 135 lbs at the same height I am now.

    My problem is this – I have been having a difficult time eating healthy while putting on weight. In order for me to gain weight I have to flat out work for it. I could easily eat 3k calories a day and feel full, but I need to eat 4500-5000 to put on weight. I have found I cannot eat vegetables doing this. It is hard enough to force feed calorie-dense junk food, which is generally easier to eat even if I am not hungry.

    I am constantly bloated as it is, I don’t know how I would be able to eat a regular diet of fibrous watery vegetables on top of what I am doing currently. I realize this is a health issue, but I am stuck here. I am literally force feeding the latter 1/2 of most meals. Of course, I have been experiencing great muscle and strength gains doing this.

    My diet looks like this –

    Breakfast – Oats, walnuts, whole milk, fruit
    Lunch – Loaded sandwich with plenty of chicken breast, a bit of junk food
    PWO – whey/milk/banana
    Dinner – protein/fiber pasta, ground beef, olive oil, cheese, tomato sauce
    Dinner #2 – junk food ( I can’t stomach whole food at this time)
    Dinner #3 – Fiber one cereal, whole milk, 2% yogurt, eggs, canola mayo, almonds, cheese, milk

    Do I stuff myself even more to the point of vomit-onset symptoms (which happens occasionally anyway) or is there some sort of method that would make eating vegetables easier with my high volume diet.

    I am going to break from gaining weight soon and get back to a better diet, but this problem is bound to become an issue in the future.

    Thanks for your help. I am a regular listener, great stuff all around guys/gals.

    – Colin from Worcester

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