Episode 201: The Holiday Special

The new year is here and we have a fresh episode to help with your new years goals and resolutions.

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  • I’m currently deployed to Iraq and the defacs here don’t have a great choice of foods as far as nutrition is concerned. How would a soldier go about keeping a clean diet if most of your good foods aren’t offered? They do have plenty of fruits and veggies but not a lot of protein choices. Thanks for your help. Love your podcast! -Mitchell
  • During the power phase should the upward movement for all exercises like Bench Press, Squats be explosive or is it just important to get the weight up lifting max weight ¬†and the explossive movement applies to mainly to cleans , push press etc? -Bilal
  • What are the main differences between The Functional Movement Screen and Assess and Correct? Which is better for trainers to use for assassing clients and athletes etc and why? -Allan
  • Hey fitcast crew,I love the podcast. I have benefited greatly from the sound advice and informative discussions that you all and your guests have provided over the years. Your single greatest gift to me as a listener has been applying a critical, reasonable approach to questions of fitness and nutrition. I had been an athlete and training enthusiast for a couple decades, and my propensity had been to be a “hardliner” and cocksure know it all. I’m sure you know the type. But your rigorous questioning of diet and exercise philosophies and practices has humbled my approach and attitude, making my training more enjoyable and productive by opening it up to more possibilities. Thank you. My question is for a recommendation for any workout routine products (ebooks, books, DVDs ) directed at couples. My girlfriend and I love the ease and convenience of working out at home and the extra quality time spent together. But many home based products we know of seem more targeted to a particular gender and incorporate elements that one or the other of us aren’t crazy about. Any suggestions? -Cincinnati Steve.


  • Tips on how to meet your goals for 2011

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