Episode 202: Better Late Than…

We discuss Kinect, Training modifications for the overweight, correcting asymmetries and more!

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  • Hey everybody,

    I used to be a powerlifter in college (Penn State University) and achieved a deadlift of 525 lbs at a bodyweight of 178. I loved lifting but then I joined the Army to become an officer. Over the past two years I have had minimal time lifting heavy, but stayed in shape as my job demands – just in a very different way.

    Well, the itch to lift heavy weights again got to me. As a 25 year old, I want to know what I am truly capable of.

    Now that I am deployed and in Iraq, I actually have the time to train with consistency. I’ve only been overseas for about 3 months now (out of 12), and I went from not deadlifting in about a year to pulling 375. How am I supposed to follow a program when lifting progress exceeds textbook and usual programming standards? Is there a rule of thumb to follow for a case such as mine or is it more of a trial and error process?

    I would like to follow 5/3/1 but a set program seems like it would confine and hinder rather than guide and assist.

    Thank you,

    First Lieutenant DiEugenio, Christopher
    U.S. Army, Field Artillery

  • A symmetry question. Quite simply, my right lat is bigger than my left lat, and it is driving me insane! I began competing last year, and it (from my perspective at least) was a glaring symmetry issue and it seems to be accentuating even more so nowadays. A front double biceps and rear lat spread are obviously most affected. The right lat just spreads much more so, and it seems to be still growing!

    What training alterations can I make or include in order to try and activate my left lat so it can grow and catch up?!

    As I’ve thought more and more about it, it’s evident there is a lack of mind-muscle connection on that left side. Pulling movements feels a deep pinch in my right lat, but my left lat struggles to get that deep contraction. So frustrating!

    I’ve begun doing more unilateral work, so I can focus on my left lat on it’s own more so, which has felt positive. Other ideas… – Nathanael

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