Episode 203: Hackers 2

We have a huge episode for you this week with a discussions on Hip strains, getting to extreme levels of BF and more!

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  • Hello fitcast crew,

I recently had a few prospective clients request distance/online coaching with me since they don’t live in my city.  I have done this once before with 0 success as far as results and client attendance to gym (she was a clients sister with 0 expereince in gym).  So my question to you guys is:

1.  How do you go about the screening process?

2.  What is the ideal online coaching client?  Experience/familiarity in gym?

3.  payment?

I used this influx of requests as an excuse to immediately go buy BBB online so looking forward to getting to play with that.  Is there a system already in place within that program to walk me through the above questions?

Thanks guys, continue to be awesome!

  • Hi Kevin,Greetings from the Netherlands!I hope all is going well with your new puppy! If you run into trouble
    with him, the Kikopup channel on Youtube has loads of great tutorials
    about positive-reinforcement training and solving behavior problems,
    as well as how to train tricks and other fun stuff.

    Anyway, following on from your discussion of bodyweight training in
    episode 201, I was hoping the Fitcast crew would be willing to discuss
    the pros and cons of the Bodyrock.tv workouts. (I know you must be
    familiar with the site — it’s pretty much impossible to miss if you
    search for exercise videos on Youtube.)

    Zuzanna has repeatedly stated that the only training she does is the
    workouts she posts on the site. The workouts are usually 10-20 minutes
    of bodyweight circuits with very short rest intervals (like 10
    seconds), done a few times per week. Sometimes she mixes in strength
    moves like pull-ups, pistol squats, and harder push-up variations.
    Sometimes there are longer workouts or timed challenges. I don’t know
    if you’ve ever tried the workouts, but done at the pace she suggests
    with the 10-second rest intervals, they can be plenty challenging.

    Now I know that tastes vary, but it’s a fairly safe bet that many
    women would KILL for a look like Zuzanna’s. I think many women may be
    following her program in order to achieve that look. But how realistic
    is it? If a woman (say, 20-40 years old, starting at 18-20% bodyfat)
    wanted to achieve a look like Zuzanna’s, would the Bodyrock.tv style
    workouts be optimal? If not, what would you recommend be added,
    subtracted, or otherwise adjusted? And how much of the look would be
    related to the training, and how much would diet come into play?

    Take care, and keep up the great work with the show!

  • I have just recently tweaked a hip flexor muscle again (not sure which one, its directly in the middle of my thigh) from hockey and as far as I know that would usually mean I have a weakness either above or below. I am wondering if you could give me some idea of what it could be. I am 31 and am in Phase 3 of Maximum Strength so I am doing foam rolling and mobility work at least 4 times a week, I play hockey 2-3 times a week and Racquetball once or twice a week
    thanks for you help
  • ive got a question primarily for Leigh (as shes the nutrition guru) I know that the whole low carb for fat loss is not necessary for the most part, however does carb selection and timing become somewhat more important when trying to achieve a particularly lean physique – eg 4-6% BF ?….does anything change in regard to diet when trying to get freakishly lean?…what methods would you use – this obviously depend on activity level etcalso on the carb issue, ive read that the increase in insulin secretion in response to carbohydrates blunts fat loss – something along the lines of while insulin is present in the blood that it is impossible to burn fat, hence nutrient timing is key – is there any truth to that? – and if so is would it actually make a significant difference ? I read that in a t-nation article – so not exactly a scientific sourcelove to get your thoughts

    oo roo (thats goodbye in ‘stralyn’)


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2 Responses

  1. Seth says:

    Nice on the Hackers soundtrack, actually i do recommend the Hackers 2 “OST” if you can still find it, pretty cool. That’s the CD that introduced me to BT.

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