Episode 25: Berardi is Back

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Dr. John Berardi joined me this week to talk about many different subjects including his new book, The Metabolism Advantage. Make sure to check out his websites: JohnBerardi.com, http://www.precisionnutrition.com.

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  • Q&A with Dr. John Berardi.
    • Kevin: What drove you to write The Metabolism Advantage? Can you tell us a little bit about the content in the book?
    • Andrew: I followed your “Get Shredded Diet” for eight weeks and ended up getting down to 8 percent bf. After getting to this low of a number for the first in my life my next goal is to maintain a bf% of 9-10 for six months to a year. I know maintaining bf levels has a lot to do with calories, but what macronutrient split would you recommend for someone wanting to remain at this level of leanness?
    • Steve: Has he ever come up with a recipe for a super shake that was so vile that he would never ever dare print if for fear of being sued?
    • Brian: ts hard sometimes to think of new and unique snacks that are PN compliant. What kind of PN-complaint snacks does Dr. Berardi eat on a daily basis? Are there any that he eats as a change of pace?
    • Darren: Fish oil supplement dosage is always an arbitrary number and usually different every time! – what should a 92kg lifter from say…the Channel Islands, be taking daily? Does it matter if it’s in one go or spread out over the day?
    • Galya: Do you have any advice for helping clients that have a hard time losing fat because they are on anti-depressants? Those people have it hard mentally and physically so it’s a challenge to work with them.
    • I have sort of specific question about protein. I am studying to be a dietitian and as many of you know the American Dietetic Association recomends a 0.8g protein/kg bw and slightly higher for athletes. Now that is much lower than any of us take in. I was arguing about this in class and looking for research on both sides. Apparently there no research out that suports this 0.8g/kg is the right amount of protein and the only reason it is used is because thats the minimum a sedentary person needs to stave off a negative nitrogen balance. My question is this. Is there no research to support that exceeding ones protein “minimum” is dangerous. If not then how can the ADA make this recommendation and claim that high protein diets are dangerous?
    • Frank: What are your thoughts on the velocity diet?
    • When approaching nutrition what aspects require more individualization than others to make it successful

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3 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Anyone else having trouble with getting this fitcast? I tried to download it as a podcast, and I clicked update several times, no matter what I try, it still is only about 14 minutes long?

  2. kevin.larrabee says:

    Sometimes iTunes messes up the download. Try deleting the part of the file downloaded in the “iTunes Music” folder and redownload. Or Download directly from the site by right clicking and selecting “save-as”