Episode 27: Warning: May Contain Lou Schuler, Again!

Download Episode 27 directly here: TheFitCast027.mp3 (Right-Click and Save-As)

  • Intro
    • John Says Hi 🙂
  • FitCast News
    • The FitCast Insider…
    • Donations
      • Frank
      • Jan
      • Deepak
      • Linda
      • Newman
      • Lisa
  • Q&A
    • How is Life like a Man coming along?
    • Could you talk a little bit about the inspiration for The Cheat Workout?
    • Mike T Nelson: What do you see as the next up and coming trend in the
      fitness world?  Is this new trend good or bad?
    • Summer: what has been the most notable/odd/interesting thing you’ve learned while researching your upcoming book on weight training for women
    • Ian: Can you ask him whether there are any plans to update it in the future, possibly expanding on the nutritional side? Also, what is Lou’s favorite workout from the NROL?

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