Episode 48: The Fitness Industry

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Round Table: The Fitness Industry

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2 Responses

  1. Bill Scott says:


    Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to produce “The Fitcast”. It really is informative and as a non-fitness professional, I do get a lot of useful information from it as well as other web sources. I listened to #48 today and just wanted to pass on my thoughts on your discussion about fitness forums. It seems to me that many “professionals” are becoming pretty thin skinned if they will not post on forums, such as JP’s, if their opinions are questioned. I totally understand that there are civil protocols which should be observed, but don’t say your not going to post ever again just because someone questioned something in your article. Maybe some experts should remember that forums such as JP’s have helped them to become nationally known quicker than was possible only a few years ago. This surely allows them to sell more products, services and increase fees they can charge for training and presentations. If they do not want to post fine, it a free world, but don’t come around only when it’s time to promote something and expect a rousing welcome. For the record, I would never insult an expert who freely gives their time and knowledge to others. However, this recent “I’m an expert, just shut up and listen or I’ll go away” attitude bothers me. Anyway, thanks for a very good product and good luck with finals.

    Bill Scott

  2. Nick says:

    I have recently been downloading and listening to the fitcast, but I must agre with Bill. You have now decided that you do not want to post on forums, which is fine, but the fact that you are bashing others for doing so is awful. Not everyone has direct access with all of the professionals that you and some of the others do, so one of the only way we can get information is posting on the forums. Not only that, but you mention e-mailing CB, which is a good point, where he may e-mail you back sooner, but one thing with posting on a message board is that everyone can read his response so everyone can get help, and hopefully the same question will not be asked on more than one occasion.