Episode 54: Mike Boyle and a New Host

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FitCast Topics

  • Welcome Jen Heath to the show
  • New Website Format
    • Monday-kevin writes a short article
    • Tuesday-Keith writes a mini-article on corrective exercise
    • Wednesday-Tony writes an article on strength
    • Thursday- Jimmy writes an article about physique stuff
    • Friday-jen writes an article about female training.
  • New Show format
  • Mike Boyle Interview
  • FitCast Insider Store 25% off $25 purchase!!
  • Black Star Labs Specials

Mike Boyle Interview

Round Table: Hip Mobility, the problem, the cure


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8 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    Great episode! Any chance we could get some pictures of Jimmy’s or Keith’s mobility exercises? They sound like they would be great additions to everyone’s routine, but they were a little hard to visualize.


  2. HY says:

    was there a looooooooong silence at the end? ordid my download go wrong?

  3. kevin.larrabee says:

    Nope, that silence was there by mistake, you did not miss anything

  4. HY says:

    heh i was sort of expecting a hidden message/blooper and just sat through it.

  5. James says:


    Thanks for asking my question (Do you do anything different for goalies?) to Mike.

    I knew that Rick DiPietro was a big weight room guy and he was very unique in the goalie world.

    I’m building a barebones home gym right now and I’m glad that my general plan looks to be in line with what Mike is doing with his goalies.

  6. Racer says:

    Tony obviously hasn’t met my baby son, he can fart like a cowboy!!!!

  7. Bill Scott says:

    Hey Guys, the new format is a great improvement.
    One request, ask Jimmy to explain the acronyms he uses for body parts. Thanks.

  1. June 16, 2007

    Mike Boyle interview on The FitCast…

    The gang from the FitCast chats to strength and conditioning coach Mike Boyle. He’s an extremely interesting guy…….