Episode 55: Jimmy vs. Kevin

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FitCast Topics

Round Tables

  • De-Loading
  • Exercising outside
  • Beta-Alanine


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2 Responses

  1. Dr. Bob Wilson says:


    You and the podcast panel often talk about supplements. Two questions: 1] How does one know which supplements he/she needs? 2] How does one know about the quality of the supplements? That is, how does one know if what the container states is really in the supplement? Most people do not know chemical names. In the vitamin market, there have been numerous reports that one is buying a “pig-in-a-poke.” I would like for you guys to talk about this sometime in a podcast.


    Dr. Bob

  2. Steve Schmitt says:

    I love the Jimmy vs Kevin busting going on in this episode. Funny stuff!