Episode 56: Robertson is Back

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FitCast Topics

  • Mike Boyle Interview at Insider
  • Training at Excel Update

Article Discussion

Perform Better

Q’s for Mike


  • Hey Kevin I’m a personal trainer in Ontario Canada. i listen to your show all the time, keeps me motivated great job bro keep it up. Just wondering if you can talk about the benefits of sled dragging on your “mailbag” part of the show. thanks brother! -Nathan


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4 Responses

  1. Yudi says:

    Absolutely hilarious. Jimmy Smith is a comedy king – the part where he interrupts Kevin after his voice cracks had me killing myself with laugher.

  2. Mike says:

    Jimmy does take a lot of abuse. I give him credit for coming back week after week and providing great content while fending off Kevin’s critique.

  3. Jimmy Smith says:

    Thanks Yudi, I’m happy I could bring some style to the show.

  4. Jimmy Smith says:

    Nah, I brush that dirt off my shoulder. Glad you guys like it.