Episode 59: Atomic Dog Edition

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FitCast Topics

  • Great Discussions at TheFitCast.com
  • Final Pics coming in 3-weeks
  • Shout out to fan from the gym
  • Stevia vs. Splenda (5-10 minutes)


Q&A with TC Luoma

  • What does your workout currently look like? p.s. I’ve been a T-Nation member (Dragon) for a couple years now  and I really like the way T-Nation is headed!
  • Is your girlfriend/wife into weight training as well? If so does she have any goals she is working towards?
  • Are the guys at Biotest working on any new products at the moment?
  • Could you talk about the changes at T-Nation.com, the redesign of the site?
  • What supplements do you recommend for people focused on health first,
  • physique goals second?
  • Can you talk a little bit about your Atomic Dog Book? Who is this book for?

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1 Response

  1. Racer says:

    Good save Kevin, you filled in like a pro when Jimmy’s phone line went down. I enjoyed the show, good work gang, TC is quality as usual.