Episode 64: All Mailbag Edition

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FitCast Topics

  • Jen’s Article on MWA
  • AD Update
  • What we wrote about this week.

Mail Bag

  • Hi Kevin,

    I really enjoy the podcast, only been listening for a couple of months and have found a lot of it really useful as I try and get into shape.

    I have a question for you and the team. As I find the free gym frustratingly crowded in the evenings (especially the free weights, the machines are a ghost town!) I’m thinking of switching to early morning workouts. Is there anything I should be aware of with regards to nutrition, warming-up or anything else with regards to hitting the weights before work?

    Thanks and keep up the great work

    Ash (a UK listener)

  • How much do you guys implement Med Ball training into your workouts and workouts for your clients?
  • Do you guys condone “energy drinks” I tend to drink one or two a day, usually pre-workout
  • Are there any real benifits of performing an Over Head squat? Is it worth the time to get the technique right, vs the reward?


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1 Response

  1. HY says:

    re: female view on “flipped-up collars”

    I dunno if it’s coincidence, but when I was lifting on Monday, the radio DJ’s were talking about the damn thing. (the gym just puts the radio on) while I can’t recollect the conversation completely, if I summarized it…

    Male DJ: “I do it sometimes…”
    Female DJ: “YOU SHOULD STOP.”

    so, there you go, you got an answer from Singapore.

    …I walk around with t-shirts with holes so I really have no right criticizing what people wear, but… why is it that you see the ugliest clothes at ‘fitness centers’? I mean, people come out of these buildings wearing mesh-tanks and bike shorts (and proceed to take seats at nearby cafe, don’t they realize that nobody wants to see that shit?)… and my god, the ugliness of the pants these wannabe bodybuilders wear…