Episode 65: Cheating to Lose

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Q&A with Joel (Of course, feel free to jump in and ask questions not listed.)

  • First off Joel, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
  • Currently what does your training regimen look like?
  • You mentioned that you’ve been doing more or less the same exercises for the last year, and I know you’ve written about this in the past; tell our listeners about your philosophy on why trainees shouldn’t frequently change their exercise selection.
  • Tell us about your new book, “The Cheat to Lose Diet,” what is the philosophy?
  • Can you talk about the science behind why this program works?
  • You share a story in the book about how you actually stumbled upon this approach by accident; tell us about that.
  • So what would someone’s weekly diet look like?
  • What do you advise in terms of exercise while on the diet?
  • What’s included in the book beyond the diet specifics?

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