Episode 66: Go Read Something

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  • Anthony Roberts on next week (send questions to: questions@thefitcast.com)
  • Waterbury article on T-Nation, making more sense. / Root Beer flavor Surge? Anyone try it?
  • Shows will be coming out on Sunday or Monday from now on.
    • Better quality (David Poplar)


  • Hey Kevin,The show is great I have been trying to make up ground on the earlier shows. I was wondering if you all can talk about endurance training. For example, I am a runner, usually running 8-12 miles (on easy days) and add two speed workout days(intervals, lactic acid threshold runs etc.) and a long run, (18-20 miles). But I am a strange runner, I also lift. Many runners cringe when they see dumbbells, but I lift every other day and I am using NROL. So my question is, what should my diet look like????? An would you recommend any supplements. (Right now I am just taking Whey.
  • I am in college and trying to pursue a degree in Exercise Science, I was wondering how did you deal with the really hard classes, like pre calulus etc…????

Round Table

  • Before you enter the fitness industry…


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2 Responses

  1. Jimmy Smith says:

    Apparently Kevin didn’t “take a day or two to edit this”, since he left in the part where I bring up what I think our roundtable should be.


  2. ryan says:

    I was a bit disappointed with your answers to the ‘precalc’ question early in the podcast. I was hoping you’d have suggested a tutor, or tried to motivate why strong math skills are important for exercise science. Especially when you continue to discuss the benefits of this or that supplement – if an exercise scientist is going to suggest I use a particular supplement, I hope to bloody hell he’s read peer-reviewed articles and studies. And he better be math-literate enough to understand the data analysis!

    The answer is not to take an easier class, or to see if precalc is required for the major. That student should be taking precalc, followed up with at least a stats course offered by the math dept, and in a perfect world, an actual calc course. Other science majors routinely take a semester of calc, and as such there are many many outlets for help on every campus. At worst, find a cute math or science chick to give you some help!