Episode 68: Mailbag Tomfoolery

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This Week’s Hosts:

Kevin Larrabee, Tony Gentilcore (Blog Link), Keith Scott (Blog Link), Jimmy Smith (Blog Link)

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  • Shout out to Seth Gibson at Bungie (makers of Halo 3)
  • Chad Waterbury’s new 10/10 workout

Mail Bag

  • Hi kevin,could be it’s a question for the fitcast crew (maybe for jen..)
    I trained a friend of mine for last couple of month and she made great progress.
    I put her through 3 session of total body compound exe’ (deadlift, squat,BP etc’).
    she got pregnant now and she asked me what to do.
    Honestly i don’t know, i looked online and it looks like she can continue to work out with few exceptions.
    Can you help or ask for help from the fitcast crew?Thanks in advance -Avichai
  • I just finished reading JB’s Scrawny to Brawny and liked the fact that he pointed out about hypertrophy and strength training both yielding gains in muscle mass. If more people at the gym realized that doing triples also stimulated growth (maybe not to the extent of hypertrophy sets), then more people would be getting stronger and bigger.Why is there still a stigma that heavy lifting in the 1-4 rep range can’t make you grow? How many hugely strong powerlifters does it take to prove a point to the average gym rat?Any comments on this would be appreciated. -Chris

  • Hey guys,I’ve been listening to The Fitcast for the past few weeks and I am really enjoying the discussion and interview content.Here’s my question: do you often see clients who have injuries that were not properly treated by a physical therapist and, if so, what are some common things you see that are being missed by PT’s with these people?

    Thanks for the input – Keep up the great work! -Kevin

  • My question,
    I am following the Body for Life programme with a little less carbs and a little more protein than the programme states. I do supplement with Protein Bars but not Protein Shakes as they are mega expensive over here…… Anyway, I do the weight program and am really noticing a difference in my body thanks to weights. My goal is to lose weight and tone up. Do I need to be taking Creatine? If so, how much and should I load on it on take it gradually? Is it better to take it in capsules or powder form?Look forward to your reply – maybe you can give New Zealand a shout out on your next podcast!!!Thanks,


Round Table
For Tony, Keith, Jen. When did you decide you wanted to be a trainer and what steps did you take to get there?

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