Episode 70: Just the Two of Us

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 This Week’s Hosts:

Kevin Larrabee and Jimmy Smith (Blog Link)


  • Kevin, as you may know, Jason Ferrugia is an outspoken strength coach with a lot of controversial opinions about nutrition and training. In one of his recent blog entries, he talked about his belief that high protein diets are not necessary for muscle growth; and he cited guys like Coach Robert Dos Remedios and other vegetarians who carry a lot of lean body mass while eating hardly any meat.Then, he said that a lot of these protein supplements are just benefiting the companies that make them and not the customer.I have my own opinions about this, but I’d love to hear the Fitcast hosts chime in with theirs.

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  • Do you put your intervals in the beginning of your workouts before lifting or after? Why? -Paul
  • Hey, love the show! I know you guys write articles regularly, but I was wondering who’s articles do you typically look out for because of their content or just writing style? Thanks in advance love the show!! -Adam Robbins

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