Episode 72: Power Training with Dos Remedios

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Kevin Larrabee, Robert “Dos” Remedios (Blog), Jimmy Smith (Blog

FitCast Topics


  • Which method of periodization is best, in his opinion, for pure strength athletes ie weightlifters etc, and why does he believe this? -Mike Australia
  • Your website is killer.  With 752 free videos, it’s a MUST SEE site.Q: With such a huge client load (training in large groups) how do you focus on the unique needs of each athlete?  Do the needs of the majority simply take priority?

    Just ordered the book, looking forward to it!

    Jimi Varner

  • What types of indicator exercises do you use to measure progression, and do you set standards or goals in these exercises? – Casey
  • I’d like to ask Coach Dos what he thinks about frequency of training; is there a way to work up to a point that recovery can be good enough for an individual to be able to benefit from 5-6 heavy training sessions a week? With all of the talk of over-training, it seems many people are afraid to test their limits. Most lifting authorities say that 3-4 sessions of 45 minutes per week is enough to yield great results. However, many powerlifters and olympic lifters will engage in 10 or more sessions a week. What’s your take? Thank you,Chris
  • I have heard you say you want your athletes to not be able to complete another rep at the end of a set, to not ‘keep a rep in the tank’.Does this include O-lifts and other drills you use that require high levels of coordination?

    Also, I would really like to hear your opinion on Chad Waterbury’s recent views on rep cadence and failure.- Snatch


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