Episode 75: Back with Boyle

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Host: Kevin Larrabee, Mike Boyle, and Jimmy Smith (Blog)

FitCast Topics

Interview with Mike Boyle

  • My question is about the CNS experiment Mike talked about a bit last time he was on. I also purchased his CNS DVD. He spoke how he had tried some new methods with his athletes this past summer and I wondered what he had gotten for results and what he feel he learned from this experiment? Also how will this effect 2008’s training? -Ray
  • You have said in your articles that one can’t have enough thoracic mobility. I’ve seen techniques outlined to increase t-spine mobility but have yet to come across a dedicated test for it. What are the indicators or tests you use to determine the degree of thoracic mobility in your athletes? What benchmarks do you set for that mobility? Thanks, Mike McChesney
  • In 2008, the gym I work for is launching exercise programs and classes that target the child obesity epidemic. Do you have any advice or resources that could help make this project successful? Any tips on promoting to the community? The age range is 10 – 15 yr. olds -Jimi
  • Can you tell us what StrengthCoach.com is all about, the forum, the articles, and the podcast?


  • For the millions of people out there who are allergic to nuts (tree nuts), what is a good alternative to get your fats and other nut goodness? -Nollaig
  • Jimmy in regards your blog post called “The Arms Race” can you just go over what you meant by your comments? -Pete

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