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Hosts: Kevin Larrabee, Jen Heath, Jimmy Smith (Blog

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  • Jimmy- Have you read the latest study on Stevia in regards to their results: “The results showed that treatment with stevioside generates lesions in peripheral blood, liver, brain and spleen cells in different levels, the largest effect being in liver. Therefore, these undesired effects must be better understood, once the data present here point to possible stevioside mutagenic properties.” What are your thoughts on Stevia now? -Adam
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Round Table

  • Ways to stay fit during the holiday season


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2 Responses

  1. Poul Hansen says:

    From Poliqin:
    [quote]I think people should take 10 grams of it a day. Taking 3 grams a day is just far too small of a dose. That dose is like trying to fart against a hurricane.[/quote]

    So 10grams is 3 farts against a hurricane?

    Would be nice if anybody had experiences or research that would support or refute his assumptions about dosing for elite athletes.

    Beta alanine isn’t expensive so one could increase dosage if beneficial.

  2. Joshua Sciarrino says:

    Hey, Just wanted to let you guys know that your totally awesome. I enjoy how you guys are on a journey to CONTINUAL learning and growing in this area because it benefits everyone of your listeners.

    Also, I remember hearing…maybe Tony?….talk about Fish Oil. Well, I came across a drink in the supermarket (only 2.50$) called ‘Zambazon: Organic Acai Smoothie, Mango Uprising’ (That’s the complete name)

    This little 10.5 ounce bottle contains:
    only 7g of fat.
    Omega 3 – 50mg
    Omega 6 – 1000mg
    Omega 9 – 3000mg
    Dietary Fiber – 7g
    Protein – 3g

    Should I maybe drink just a ‘swig’ a day instead of spending money on fish oil? Would this be a good alternative or a waste of time and money???
    Thanks. – Joshua