Episode 77: Live with Mike Robertson

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Kevin Larrabee, Mike Robertson (Blog), Jimmy Smith (Blog)

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  • (For Jen) Hello Fitcast,I have a question regarding coaching women to help them reduce their body fat levels. I have noticed that in the first couple weeks of a program, everything goes according to plan and the women drop 3-5 pounds. But then when “that time of the month” happens and the women start their menstrual cycles, abdominal pain and mood swings prevent them from being able to exercise with any intensity. Do you have any advice on helping women to continue to lose weight over the course of their menstrual cycle? Perhaps Jen would be the best person to answer this question.

    Thanks guys. Love the show, keep it up.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  • Mike,I’m trying to do some prehab work and brink up my weak rotators so I’m doing side lying abduction raises. My right side is considerably weaker than my left and it fails in the middle of a set very quickly (not like normal when you grind out reps). What do you suggest to remedy this discrepancy and how can I bring up my work part, if it aggravates me to train it?


  • Plus a bunch more questions from the live audience!!


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