Episode 80: Speeding into 2008 with Brijesh Patel

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Kevin Larrabee, Jimmy Smith, and Brijesh Patel

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Q’s for Brijesh

  • For the ordinary trainee looking to incorporate sprints into their workout what would be the best way to fit them into their training week and how often would you recommend they sprint? (While building muscle whilst minimizing fat gain).
  • What are your top tips to help people get the most from sprint training?
  • For your athletes what does their GPP warm-up consist of?
  • What are the biggest challenges that you face with training college athletes, and how did you address them?
  • Where does speed training fit into the general population’s workout, if at all?
  • It seems as though there are more and more things (I.e. activation, dynamic warm-up, etc…) that come out in articles that are said should be part of one’s training. Can you suggest anything you’re finding that’s a lot of hype? In other words, are there exercises, movements, etc… that you’ve found not worthy of dedicating time to? Keep up the great work with the Crusaders. I enjoy your work.
  • Where can people check out some of your work or get in contact with you


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