Episode 81: Another Large Mailbag

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Kevin Larrabee and Jimmy Smith

FitCast Topics


  • I am a runner and lifter. Some days I go to the gym after a long day at school. I usually run about and hour or and hour and a half. Then after my run I do my lifting routine which includes the New Rules of Lifting workout. I noticed that my lifting is effected, which I am not surprised since I just ran 10-15 miles. This is the only time that I can lift and run. Is there anything you would suggest that I could eat/do so I can have energy to get the most out of my lifting. Sorry for the long question. -Chris Barrett
  • Will I compromise muscle mass if hypertrophy has been the the main goal during a weight strength training cycle and I decide to start conditioning training with high reps for three months? In other words, if I start doing push-ups and its variances exclusively for chest muscle endurance and overall conditioning will I lose chest muscle mass/size achieved during the prior hypertrophy cycle? -Raymond
  • Jimmy you said in the last show that you are now “cutting.” I was just curious as to how you have modified your workouts to reach your goal, thanks and love the show, -Jessica
  • What is in your fitness tool box (i.e. what equipment do you keep with you to use with your clients) Thanks!! -Jorge

The Study Review

  • BCAA’s effect on fatigue



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