Episode 82: Cosgrove’s Kitchen Nightmares

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FitCast NEWS

  • Familiar Voice on the show next week
  • People I met at MBSC
  • New Super Question Segment.

Q&A with Alwyn Cosgrove

  • It has been a while since we last talked on The FitCast and I know you are always reading the latest research in the fitness and nutrition field. What has peeked your interest lately when it comes to studies, anything that you think you will take advantage of or try yourself?
  • Hi Alwyn, I love your training programs, and I know that for fat loss, you seem to recommend higher reps and low rest periods. But what’s your opinion on those who say you must lift heavy to keep the muscle when dieting, and let cardio and nutrition strip off fat? Thanks a lot. -Ryan
  • Can you talk about how you design programs for athletes? I’m interested in the philosophy more than exercises. Maybe a program design DVD or manual geared toward advanced programs and athletic programming. I’d like to see some educational resources dedicated to the training of athletes. Thanks, Keep up the great work! -Mark
  • Hi Alwyn, I’ve been helping my brother train for MMA fights, but I can’t get him to give up steady state cardio on the bike or treadmill.  Do you ever use steady state cardio with your fighters?  Why or why not, and what else do you use to get them ready for a fight?  Thanks. -Luke Lamb
  • I recently heard from Coach Dos about a new DVD you guys put out, can you talk about what the DVD covers, and who it is for?

Jimmy’s Study Review

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1 Response

  1. Matt Tuck says:

    Hey guys I just found the pod cast, and absolutely love it. I am actually using it as a reward for doing low intensity cardio in the mornings. This is the only time I allow myself to listen to it so that I actually do it. Keep up the good work.