Episode 85: We Are Back/Holly Rigsby

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Kevin Larrabee and Jimmy Smith 

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  • What’s up guys,

    What are your thoughts on Glutamine both for performance and for gut health. I read that Dr. Berardi used it for his gut health protocol and I was wondering what you thought about this as well as its role in performance. I’m fighting digestive problems and am trying to decide between buying Glutamine or BCAA’s (I need to gain mass) so I just wanted to know if Glutamine could substitute the BCAA’s for performance and also help with digestion. Also, what if any protein powders have you`guys found to be the friendliest on the stomach.


    -Eddy Rohrmeier, NY (pronounced Roar-Myer)

  • What do you guys think about Crossfit and Gym Jones training -Marcus
  • I hear you guys talk about the seminars you go to, how do you find out about upcoming seminars and which ones are the best to attend? -Shawn D.
  • On last week’s show Kevin talked about how he eats pork rinds, is it OK to eat these while on a low-carb diet? – Cindy

Interview with Holly Rigsby


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