Episode 90: The Gospel According to Jimmy

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Kevin Larrabee and Jimmy Smith (Blog)


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  • Apology about last week
  • Jon Fass




    Loved the show this past week. I really liked the discussion of concepts in training (rants). Keep up the good work, the show gets better and better each week.


    I have one question, what corrective exercises or “fillers” is Tony referring to? What do you do as fillers and how do you utilize them during a workout?

    I do a 3:1 split split by 3 nights of kickboxing – so not really a 3:1 but… When I lift I do pretty much everything explosive, love Olympic complexes and do everything with a limited rest between each exercise, 60 seconds or less.

    I’d like to give the “fillers” a try, whatever they are.


    And for music – Dropkick Murphy’s!





  • Hi!

    I’m a big fan of the fitcast!!

    I started listening very early! I think it was around show number 10…

    Since then I’m hooked! I heard every single one!

    I’m a student just like you, besides the fact that I’m over here in Germany and studying something slightly different.

    When I’m done I will be a PE-Teacher…

    That and the fact that I got a gym membership since I’m 17 (now almost 27) is why I like fitcast so much. It is really entertaining and I even learn something.

    I enjoy you guys taking about new studies a lot.

    That’s why I would like to hear yours and Jimmy’s opinion on the following:


    “Study: No Benefits To Drinking More Water?”



    You are so lucky to live in the USA fitness wise…

    In Germany is it at least comparable to wherever the guy came from you talked about during one of the last few show.

    I think we are (at least the most of us) far behind.

    I never meet anyone in person who knew M. Boyl, John Berardi etc.

    I try to get foam roller but can’t find any! (Sooner or later I got to order them from the US.)

    While I’m doing something like Afterburn I will most likely get at least some wired looks.

    They just don’t know what I’m doing because “everyone” is still doing those 3×12 Stuff.


    Any way I go to bed now I got a test tomorrow…


    Greetings from good old Germany!



  • I would like to incorporate speed training into my program.

    Some specifics,

    I want to improve my sprint time and fighting speed (kicks and punches).

    1) What type of exercises do you recommend ?

    2) Any books that you suggest I read?


    Jaime Lopez
  • Hey Kevin,

    I’m a regular listener of The Fit Cast and really enjoy the program.  I’ve
    gotten a lot out of it, and think you guys are doing a great job of
    spreading the right kind of gospel.

    I’m writing to suggest a possible future topic that might be of interest.
    Specifically, legal issues that pertain to personal trainers.  I thought of
    this as I recently helped a fried who is a personal trainer put together a
    client contract.  While this is a different subject matter than you normally
    cover on the show, it could be interesting.  I have a feeling that a lot of
    people sort of jump into the business without appreciating some of the risks
    they face, and some ways they can mitigate those risks – for example, with a
    properly written contract.

    I’m not trying to sell anything.  And while I’m a lawyer, my specialty is in
    securities law (that’s my full time job), but I have learned a lot about
    about exercise and sports law while I was putting together the contract for
    my friend.

    Some possible topics to discuss could include:

    1. Overview of professional liability.

    2. Why you should have a written contract with your clients.

    3. Incorporating your business (or forming an LLC).

    I think we could come up with some more, as well as soliciting input from
    your audience as well.  If you think you’re interesting in something like
    this, give me a shout.

    Keep up the great work!


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