Episode 91: Back on Track

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Kevin Larrabee, Jen Heath, and Jimmy Smith


FitCast NEWS

  • Jen is back!
  • http://www.bodybuildingweekly.com/index.php?news=349


  • As for my question, I was wondering what you two thought about letting the knee travel forward over the toe in a lunge/split squat etc. It seems that the whole “don’t let the knee go beyond the toe” has been a myth perpetuated by the sports and fitness community and needs to be debunked. There is no solid research out there that shows that it is harmful, in fact, it is more beneficial for your knee to travel through its complete range of motion. Just wanted to get your take on it. Keep it up guys. Good work.


  • Kevin, Jen and Jimmy i just started listening to your show a month ago. I listened to a bunch of old episodes and i didn’t hear you talk about mountain biking. I’m 38 and trying to get faster at cycling – what is the best way for me to get a big motor?

    I workout 5-6 times a week already, and do cardio at lunch when i can since my Job is really cool about that.

    511, 200lbs

    thank you, Jeff Check
  • Kevin and Jimmy,

    Is it worrisome if I frequently hear cracking it my knee even though I am young, have no knee pain at all, good glute strenght and activation and good flexibilty (can full olympic squat, knees never cave in)?


    PS I miss getting the weekly email letting me know the upcoming guests and fitcast news.
  • hey Kevin, i really enjoy the show, i started listening around episode thirty and have not missed one sense. i love to run and i am going to compete in a 5k this summer. i usually do one sprint session, one tempo session, and one long run session a week. i also train with weights four days a week. how much specific leg work should i do on top of my running? right now i do squats ( 4 sets of 6 reps) one day and jump squats (3 sets of 10 reps) on another day. i don’t want to over train my legs but i want to maximize muscle growth for speed and endurance. any information you and jimmy can give me would be greatly appreciated. i learn something new every week from you guys and your guest, keep up the the great work!………josh

Round Table

  • It is crunch time, you have a client come to you with a goal of losing 10-15 lbs by July, how are you going to attack this?

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