Episode 92: Welcome Back Waterbury

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Kevin Larrabee, Jimmy Smith, and Chad Waterbury



Q&A with Chad


    I would consider myself skinny fat and recently completed the 10/10 transformation. While I ended up losing 8 lbs of fat, I didn’t seem to put on any LBM. In fact, I’ve always had a much easier time losing fat than gaining muscle. Typically when I try to gain muscle I end up putting on fat too quickly. The end result is that I basically am never able to make appreciable muscle gains. What suggestions would you have for someone in a similar situation as myself.

    Thanks for any tips you can give me


    Denver, CO

  • Hey Chad,

    I’ve been training since last summer using the various programs from your latest book. I noticed with the exception of a few programs such as Lift Fast Get Big most of them include no tempo instructions. As a default I generally use 2/0/1 but I was wondering why you felt tempo was less of an issue in these programs? I’ve also been using your 1RM scheme to determine my loads which you’ve since dismissed but I still find useful. Is there a better alteranitve?

    Thanks for the great programs which I always find interesting and challenging….the results aren’t too shabby either!

    Philippe Vallée
    Montreal, Quebec

  • Hi Chad My name is Matt Tuck, I am a big fan of yours, and am glad that you are on the show. My question is over fat loss. I have been trying to lose bodyfat for a while now and seem to have stopped at 12% weighing 200. I am on a low carb diet(under 70 a day) and my calories are usually around 1800-2000. I train 5hrs a week using complexes, HIIT, and swimming. Are there any recommendations for getting over that hump? Thanks. Also are you going to be doing any seminars anywhere near TN? -Matt
  • What are the most common pitfalls your clients face when wanting to get bigger and those wanting to lose a lot of body fat. -Craig, New Zealand
  • A lot of MMA athletes are focusing more on Endurance and power and less on strength.What do you see as the future for endurance training and MMA? -Jeff

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