Episode 94: Graduation

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Kevin Larrabee and Jimmy Smith



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  • Recently Alwyn Cosgrove had an article on T-nation entitled “Cosgrove’s Five Ah-Ha! Moments”. In this article he discussed how hypertrophy is a systemic response and not a localized one citing a study by Rogers et al entitled “The Effect of Supplemental Isolated Weight-Training Exercises on Upper-Arm Size and Upper-Body Strength”. A basic summary of the study if you haven’t read it is: Researchers compared effects of weight training on 5RM and arm circumference. Subjects were divided into 2 groups. Group 1 did 4 compound upper body exercises. Group 2 did the same as group 1 + biceps curls and triceps extensions. Results after 10 weeks concluded that there were no extra strength gains or gains in arms circumference. My question in this: What does this mean for the future or even present status of isolation moves and body part specific moves in reference to using them in training. Seems to me many people have had success with isolation moves but this study says the hypertrophy was the result of the compound movements alone and that the isolation of muscles was a waste of time. Your thoughts/input would be great. Love the show, thanks to everyone invloved. -Tyler
  • Kevin I saw that you mentioned your senior thesis on the JP Fitness boards, can you go into detail about what it was about? -Rich
  • hey guys, love the show, I hope it continues!! Anyways, I was wondering what brand of multivitamin you use and can you explain why? I tend to by theMegaMen ones from GNC, are those any good?
  • I am sorry to hear that you are calling it quits with the Fitcast, I will miss listening to it during my cardio sessions. I know this might not be a great mailbag question, but can you recommend any other fitness podcasts that you like? Thanks and I hope you guys continue the show in the future. Thanks, greg.
  • Thanks for the great show guys, I have a question about a video game, Wii Fit. Kevin talked about this in the past, it is coming out in a few weeks. Would this be something worth wile to buy my wife to get her exercising more? She says she is interested in it, but I don’t know how much actual exercises the player will get. Thanks for your thoughts, and I love the off topic stuff, although it is dangerous to listen to it while lifting for safety reasons. – Justin M.

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