Episode 98: Women, Strength, and Recpies

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Kevin Larrabee, Tony Gentilcore (Blog) and Jen Heath


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  • Due to my hectic schedule, I have to work out at 5 AM. I have heard so much about pre and post workout nutrition, but so much of it seems contradictory. Right now, I am drinking a protein shake (about 35 grams of protein, 10 grams ofcarbs) right before I leave for the gym. After my workout, another shake and about 100 grams of carbs along with some creatine. I’ve heard about consuming carbs and protein right before I go to bed, but the idea of that many calories right before sleep seems like they would easily be converted to fat. My diet is good throughout the day, just not sure how to time my meals and what they should consist of given that I work out right after I awaken. -Mike Phoenix, AZ
  • I can’t find these training shoes anymore.  Can you?  If so, would you be so kind as to share where?  If not, what are people using instead?  (If you covered this recently, sorry for asking, but I am still 20 shows or so behind you.  I have listened religiously to the first 60 or so!)  Love the show and thanks! -Dan
  • I’m not only cutting back on supplements, but eliminating them completely after my current supply runs out (with the exception of fish oil and a daily multi vitamin). While there is tons of research to back of the use of supplementation, I want to try a no supplement approach and see how my body responds. As Scott Abel said, protein powders don’t make champions. Plus I’m broke =)

    – Roger


  • Tony talks about the seminar at CP

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