Episode 99: Reading Books, Training Legs, and Gym Music

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Kevin Larrabee, Tony Gentilcore (Blog), Jen Heath, and Jimmy Smith (blog)


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  • I Enjoy the show from Albury, New South Wales. Australia. Two Questions
    1. Jimmy talked a little about being a tall lifter in a recent episode and made a comment about increasing his leg mass by adding another leg session into his program. Being 6,4 tall myself i would be interested in hearing about how Jimmy structured a second leg session into his week and  how the sessions are different?
    2. New Rockband coming out soon. Have you heard the new unreleased guns n roses song shacklers revenge? I am massive gnr fan and looking for a leak to the song….
    Thanks mate, Ryan
  • I love your fitcasts.  It gets me through my workday.  At any rate, I’ve got a really interesting book that I read in grad school.  It’s a memoir of a guy who became consumed by bodybuilding, and I think you and Jimmy would definitely enjoy it.  It’s called “Muscle” by Samuel Fussell.  Definitely check it out.  It gives everybody an intimate, objective glimpse into the world of competitive bodybuilding.  Well, keep up the great work!
    Thanks -Will
  • I am a long time listener of the podcast, having discovered it during my fat loss journey from BMI 35 to BMI 23. While I generally find the show informative, I shot into orbit as I was listening to Episode 97 (Maximum Strength), when autism and artificial sweeteners were mentioned in the same sentence. There is simply no evidence that artificial sweeteners have anything to do with autism. In fact, a review of PubMed shows not a single peer-reviewed article mentioning such a thing. If a doctor claimed any such connection, that doctor was irresponsibly uninformed. Please review the FDA’s general primer on artificial sweeteners at http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/fdsugar.html.

    To the extent that the FitCast is probably a primary source of health and fitness information for many listeners, I think it has a responsibility to be well-informed.

    Keep up the good work. -Kevin


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