Episode 13: Lucky Number 13

Download Episode 13 with Cassandra Forsythe here: TheFitCast013.mp3

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    • Alwyn Cosgrove out of the hospital, coming on the show!!!
    • Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson Coming on the show in the coming weeks.
    • Eric Cressey’s Off-Season Training Manual is out! (Looks amazing!!)
    • Kevin is sporting Ice and Water (thanks to some pizza that did not agree with him)
    • John is drinking a shake with some leftover watermelon
    • Cassandra is cool like Kevin because she is drinking Water mixed with ice as well:)
    • Last week you were part of a T-Nation roundtable on low-carb diets. Can you give us a summary of what you discussed in this article, and specifically, what are your ideas on building muscle with low-carb diets?
    • There were several forum questions about this low-carb roundtable. “Chris Aus” from Australia asked for clarification on a few issues. Basically, he wanted to know whether, if you compared low-carb diet to a moderate “healthy” carb diet, would the low-carb diet be the victor in the following areas: improving insulin regulation, enhancing performance in athletes, and losing more body fat.
    • Forum member “milkman21” referenced an article debunking the widespread belief that saturated fats are correlated with heart disease. Basically, the article shows that the consumption of saturated fats has plummeted over the past several decades in America, replaced largely with vegetable oil. Yet, heart disease has increased dramatically. He asks whether this is just massaging the data, or whether it’s true that saturated fat might not be the bad guy in the fat family.
    • On a similar note, “Cappuccino” wanted to know if all saturated fats are the same – animal fat, coconut oil, palm oil, etc., and if any of these should be avoided?
    • “Deserve” asked for a sneak preview of your new book with Lou Schuler, because he says his wife still has a hard time going against what has been stuffed into her head for years about the perils of woman lifting.
    • You’ve just been awarded a Dissertation Fellowship from the Egg Nutrition Center – congrats! – can you tell us what the premise of your research will be?
    • Last question – we should point out that you’re not some bookworm who just talks the talk, but you’ve also applied your training and nutrition knowledge to yourself. Can you tell us about your Fitness Competitions, and what you do to keep yourself lean and healthy on a regular basis?

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2 Responses

  1. Linda Ford says:

    The best FitCast yet! Cassandra was very informative and articulate. I would love to read anything she has written. It’s nice to hear a woman talk. I am a runner (20 years) and have always lifted and even done a few bench press competitions. I have found weights are a great complement to running, even when training for marathons and I have done 7. It was nice to hear validated what I’ve always know to be true, high carbs is not the way to go. If I ate like most running publications advise, I would be fat and slow. As John Berardi states, the carbs and sugar are important before during and after the workouts, but not other times. I love the Fit Cast. PS-I’m a Boston Girl – Malden, MA

  2. Erin says:

    Thanks for a great Fitcast-just heard it as I am catching up on my listening. Very refreshing to hear a female perspective with the education and knowledge to back it up. As a carb sensitive figure competitor, interesting to hear about the PWO issue in the study! Looking forward to reading the book, and the study in entirety. Thanks again.