Episode 190: Pimp My FitCast

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Kevin and Jon discuss how low back pain relates to knee issues, coming back from major wrist injuries, how Kevin has changed since working at Mike Boyle’s, and more!

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  • Howdy guys and gal from Texas. I just wanted to comment on the trainer who had the client that had frequent urination problems right before a training session, I think episode 187. I actually have the same thing happen to myself. When I train with a trainer, I would feel the urge to go a couple of times before the start of the session, even if I didn’t actually have to. However when I workout on my own, I don’t get the same urges. I also don’t get embarrassed about working out at my gym as I see the same people every day, etc. One thing I did notice was I do get those same urges right before going to a movie at the theater or going into a meeting that may last an hour or more. I always thought it may have been a weird nerve issue that I didn’t want to interrupt the actual activity/waste someone’s time by me having to go during the allotted time frame but have never really asked a doctor about it.
    Love the podcast and the banter you three have going, great chemistry. -Glenn
  • Hi all, Nigel from Manchester England.
    Question for Mr. Fass.  After a lower back injury from 2 years ago I have noticed that whilst seated my right knee protrudes further forward than my left which causes pain in my right lat if seated for a long time.  I feel I need to push my pelvis right back into the seat to enable correct alignment and think this may have come from avoiding deadlifting and squats and only doing single leg work since the injury. Do you have any tips on how I can realign my pelvis?  Many thanks in advance for your priceless advice as ever.  Cheers,  Nigel
  • Fitcast team,
    Last football season I suffered a scaphoid fracture. I went to a sports trainer that came to our high school and he could not diagnose my ailment. The trainer told me it could be a scaphoid fracture so we had a x-ray done but it came back negative for fractures, however the trainer also mentioned that the fracture may not show until two or three weeks after the initial break. I never had a second x-ray, thinking it was just a sprain and would get better. It did not though and eventually in January I had an appointment with a Wrist and Hand Orthopedic Specialist and the doctor saw the current x-ray and explain my fracture had developed into a non-union fracture and I had surgery. I had a bone graph to fuse the dead bone together. I was out for about 3 months of any weight bearing activities on my wrist. Now I have gain most strength and range of motion back however full range of motion is not possible. I always loved doing push-ups and plyo push-ups but now I cannot support weight with my left wrist, also I cannot get my wrist in an angle were a palm down is possible. What can I do to regain that last bit of range of motion to be able to do a push-up again? Thanks for the time and the podcasts. It is was a great find on I-tunes. Blake Vajgrt
  • Hey Kevin,
    I’m curious what your experience has been going from working as a ‘trainer’ at a commercial gym to becoming a ‘coach’ at Boyle’s. Has there been a significant change to your training philosophy and/or approach to your clients and is there an obvious difference in the type of clientele that join a facility like Boyle’s vs BSC?  I came into the industry without a sports background and am starting to notice the difference between the 2 approaches to fitness. Like many trainers I mostly look after members of the general population who want to lose a bit of weight and ‘tone up’ (their words not mine) so I program in a way that keeps them entertained and steers them towards their goals with varying degrees of intensity depending on their motivation. I’ve become so accustomed to training this type of person I don’t think I’d know what to do if an athlete enlisted my services so I’m interested if you met a similar challenge when you changed venues and if you have a preference for one style over the other? I’ve noticed a few changes to your lingo in the past few months so it would appear Coach Boyle is rubbing off on you haha. All the best and thanks to you, Leigh and [occasionally] John for giving up your time to provide us all with such an awesome podcast Geoff Owner/Operator Grizzly Personal Training Sydney, Australia www.GrizzlyPT.com
  • What up Kev, DOCTOR Johnathan Fass and (the battle at) Lea Pull Hill – Leigh Peele (PS- FLzine.com and LeighPeele.com ROCKS)
    Been listening for two months beginning with the most recent and working back. Right now at episode 122. Y’all motivate me to better myself… and to drink more Spike.  QUESTION: Has there ever been a situation where your client develops feelings for you? How do you handle it without losing a client or gaining a stalker. Is it common for this to happen? Does the client mistake admiration for a crush? PS- my favorite off topic quote “You Glorify your Lameness and that makes you cool.”

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