Exercise of the Week: Eccentric TRX Row

I love me some eccentric work! Although, if you are someone that stays sore for a few days after a lift, I would advise you to slowly work eccentric reps into your program. The TRX Row is a godly exercise. It is a staple in my program as well as my clients. Some weeks I might do 150-180 TRX rows thanks to having one hanging in my apartment at all times. If you are at a desk  and have an in home TRX, consider knocking out a few reps every time you get up to undo the damage of sitting down with forward shoulders.

Normally I will do the Eccentric TRX Rows with 5 seconds eccentrics for 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps. And as a bonus, after the final set, I will do an isometric hold with my scaps fully retracted. Again, be prepared for your traps (and possibly forearms from grip work) to be smoked the next day.



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