FitCast Accountability Blog (2/24/10)

It was a lot of fun talking to some of the bloggers this past Sunday. Larry, Ken, and Batty. The recording of the call is at the end of Episode 168, make sure to check it out if you haven’t already. As we end week 3 and head into week 4, things will start to get a little tough. After being at a constant caloric deficit for 3-4 weeks the body will start sending messages that it NEEDS food. This is where many dieters fall off the wagon and regress back to their former habits of eating pizza, or chocolate, or drinking ,ect…

Stay strong everyone!!! You are all making such great progress!!!

And if you missed it, one of my personal training clients is featured in a spotlight. Her first post was yesterday. She was inspired by all of you who have been brave enough to post shirtless pictures of yourselves on the internet for all to see. Please check out her post as well and leave questions (for her or I), comments, and support.

Some Notes:

  • Ken- Blog on travel nutrition coming this week!
  • Michelle- I see you met Dan. He should be your go to guy there if you need help.

Now for the blogs…


I knew when I started this challenge that this week was coming. It was going to be the pivotal point. In the past I have went on clean eating programs and would lose 7-10lbs and then complacency would set in. I would skip my HIIT workouts and just lift at the gym. I would reward myself with Cabernet Sauvignon and Hersey kisses after dinner. I would not stop after one cookie but grab a small stack and possibly go back for another stack.  Slowly the pounds would creep back and I would begin to feel lazy, heavy and frustrated again. So as the first three weeks went by and I lost weight I knew a tough week was ahead. Would this time be different knowing I had pictures and accountability to answer to?

It didn’t disappoint in the challenging department. My kids leftovers stared back at me when I cleared the table. The treadmill in the basement felt like a torture device and the bottle of Cabernet invited me to have another and another after that. It was a struggle at times but in the end I felt OK about the week.  That was until I stepped on the scale this morning.  204- that is only about a half pound less that last Sunday.  Shit.  My waist didn’t change in diameter either- 38 inches.  I guess this is the stalled weight loss I read about all the time.  I have to be honest and say I’m disappointed.  I had four great workouts at the gym on the New Rules fat loss program, I got in one HIIT session on the treadmill and all I have to show is a 1/2 pound loss.

I’ll be out of town the next two weeks and away from my usual gym and my usual routine.  My eating options will also be limited since I will be staying in a hotel with only a refrigerator.  It will be a bit warmer where I’m going so maybe I can fit in some different cardio.  I certainly didn’t want to head into these two weeks frustrated and disappointed.   As I said earlier, this is a pivotal point.  If I want different results then I must do things differently than in the past, meaning, I’ve got to trust the program.  I’ve got to stay on course and not let disappointment be the theme for the next week.


So what can I say about this week? Well I lost 5lb off the scale to start, two inches off my chest and close to an inch off my waist. This has been my first week of really “on point” nutrition and I’ve been getting enough sleep as well. In my long day at school (8 hours) I took all my food and didn’t miss a beat. Also I decided to switch all my grocery shopping from Publix (if you have that around you) to the nearby, but incredibly large, Farmer’s Market. It’s great and they have every type of food you could want. I grabbed some organic skim milk and some freshly made cilantro pesto among other things.

Also this week I blazed through season one of Deadwood. People who scoff at television as a waste of time, to me, are idiots blindsided by their own ego. The acting and music alone blew me away, I’m suprised HBO can put out so many quality shows wiith such engaging characters and stories. My reading schedule has been slow this week, swamped with schoolwork. Despite all this I hope to get some time in reading today.


I am sometimes too easily swayed by what I see, read, or hear most recently. Although I had a careful, well thought out training routine that has given me the results that I have desired for quite a while, I decided to “mess things up” by going to a 5 set routine from a three set routine for rows, bench, and deadlift, and the extra strain debilitated my shoulder for a good couple of days (“A man has to know his limitations” – Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry). Seems better now and the lesson I learned is; occasionally try something new, but not at the expense of what I know works, and don’t overdo it, as I tend to do.

I my “perfect life” I would lose about a pound a week from operating at a calorie deficit and about a pound a week from the extra calories burned from weight training and cardio work. This last week, because of some sloppy eating issues and the shoulder mess, I was able to lose just one additional pound going from a starting weight of 205 to 203. The bodyfat numbers on my Tanita scale have gotten too weird to report, but if a realistic trend reoccurs, I will gladly post the results here.

Had the opportunity to participate in the Accountability Conference Call on Sunday afternoon. After hearing the voices of Ken and Amanda (Batty, took me a while to figure out who she was on the blog) and now truly feel connected to all of us trying to either gain or lose, tighten and tone, but all focused on making positive changes in our overall fitness, health, and appearance. Kevin as host, does great work for all of us, donating his time and wisdom to help us achieve our goals, thanks & good luck everyone!


I hate The Biggest Loser. I mean, the intent is good, but I think it gives the general public unrealistic expectations on losing weight.  For instance:

This is, from what I was told, the weight loss progress for all the biggest loser contestants who actually weighed in.
Now, I dont know about the rest of y’all, but when I record my weight loss progress, it looks more like this:


[image credit:the hacker’s diet]
And, for most people, what happens is that they don’t pay attention to the trend, instead focusing on the fact that they are up a pound or two from the previous week, do something drastic like severely restricting their calories, end up binging because they’re restricting too much, which makes things worse.
I am completely guilty of this.

This week was….eh. Nothing great, but then it didnt suck, either. I stuck to my calorie/macro goals again – I have that down to a science. The first couple days coming off of the great Valentines Day Sugar Binge was sheer hell. I was moody and bloated and just not very pretty. I am just going to avoid refined sugar no matter what.

One of my goals last week was to start attempting to do some chinups/pullups. Which I did. Badly. But hey, I tried. Then, while I was perusing my list of fitness blogs I read daily, Leigh posted her pullup workout program for the masses. COINCIDENCE? I think not. It was like she was speaking directly to me, y’all. Shut up, that’s exactly what she was doing. Regardless, I did get a lot out of that post and will plan accordingly.

I had one of those doomsday moments in terms of the weight/fat loss. I’ve become really in tune with my body, and I can just feel if I’m not where I’m supposed to be. And I wasn’t for most of the week. This was solidified when I had my weight taken on Thursday at the doc for my knee checkup, and the scale there said 160, and I am internally screaming “NO! THIS ISNT RIGHT! DEDUCT WEIGHT FOR MY CLOTHES AND I’VE EATEN TWO MEALS ALREADY AND I MIGHT HAVE AN EXTRA POUND OR TWO OF BELLYBUTTON LINT AND SHOES! I AM WEARING MY SHOES!! THEY’RE HEAVY!! AND I *JUST* WEIGHED MYSELF YESTERDAY AND I AM GODDAMN 153 AAAAAAIGH”

And this is where I’d pull something drastic, like eat nothing but celery and dust bunnies for a day, then get so amazingly hungry that I’d go out and kill a cow myself and eat it all in one sitting. Instead, I tried to stay level headed as much as  I could – I have to admit I did do a little mental freaking out – like, what if what I’m doing isn’t working anymore? What if I’ve hit my next plateau? WTF am I gonna do? I also stuck to my guns with my calorie goals as well.
Friday’s weigh in showed nothing changed. I am still at 153, and 15.9-something% BF vs. 16.33% last week, maybe that’s operator error. Despite this, something did change visually:
So, ok – this is, again, PWO and I am completely posing and using the basement lighting to my advantage. BUT. No amount of posing, lighting, or even photoshopping could have helped me achieve this effect previously. I have never been able to pull off something like this before in my life. Of course, I want to be able to have this without standing like Ed Grimly with a wedgie.
The numbers aren’t telling me much, but the pictures are.
Hell, I can even see a bit of change in the non posed version:

[note to self: make sure sport bra is straightened out before pictures. this week’s jaunty hat courtesy of my 4 year old.]

This still gives me some hope and motivation to keep going. I also inadvertently worked out 7 days in a row last week. I didn’t realize this happened until Saturday.
Oh. I did give up cheese and it was nothing. Saturday, my “free” day, I ended up tracking, and I have decided that bread is also no longer worth the massive amount of bloating I get from it. so that will stop, too. Any type of Saturday bread urges will be satisfied by the creative use of oatmeal. I also think my “free” day isn’t going to be so free from now on.
I am somewhat cautious, concerned, and slightly confused because of how close I cut it this past week. there is a little voice in my head that says to reduce my calorie goal by 100 this week and see what happens, and I dont know if I should listen to it.

I think too much.


I am writing this as I’m watching the best thing I ever ate. I’m not sure why I like to torture myself like this but Carrie can testify that this is what I do. I like to suck her into my torture too by sending her baking recipes; she hates me most of the time… I think I’d kill someone for a Levain bakery cookie right now.

Ok, enough of that. This week was much better than last week. The pictures don’t seem to show that but in my mind it was better than last week. I made it to the gym five days, I survived Tony’s new program (barely) and the nutrition was pretty good. I think I still need to crack down further on the eating but Carrie and I have had this conversation before and she’s said that if nothing else, this contest has helped us not eat like assholes. Because that’s really how I was eating. So going into this week that’s my goal for going forward, really crack down on the eating and sticking to Brian’s diet he has written for me. It’s going to be tough because I do have dinner plans twice this week. Oh and I have two bridal showers next weekend. No idea what the food situation there will be but it’s going to be a tough week. Shit, I have a baby shower at work tomorrow too. Ok positive attitude here, I can do this. According to Kevin I just have to get through the first seven days, seeing how we’ve been at this for three weeks now, I’m not sure how that logic applies but maybe logic is lost on me. Two things before I head to bed: I tried the infamous trx workout thing at scla the other night and damn near died – not sure how you’re holding up with that Luke but good job if you’re still at it. And two, I met a trainer at scla today that also works at MBSC with Kevin and almost cried when he told me this entire contest was on facebook. I knew it was I just didn’t want to believe anyone else outside of this group was paying attention. Focusing on the diet is what I’ll be doing…


Hey Everyone,

Well at the end of last week I looked over my photos, and I was initially somewhat disappointed. Then I set the photos side by side with the photos from week one. It’s not a night and day difference, but I do feel like it is becoming evident that I am going through a change.

My goal this week is to go a little “leaner” and cut back on my calories some. Nothing drastic, but hopefully by next week I will feel like I have made a little more of a difference. I am going to stay high on my protein, as I am continuing to focus on my bench. My 1st quarter fitness test is scheduled for March 18th, so I will be stressing until that point. I will post my results from the last test and this one after I take it. One area of the test I haven’t been focusing on is the “explosive” part, the Illinois Agility Run (for you fitness freaks out there). I have never had very good explosive speed, and with my past history of ankle injuries, I know this isn’t ever going to be a strong point for me. Having said that if anyone has advice on working on getting off the ground and running quick please let me know. I’m way open to the advice.

Overall I am feeling really good about this whole experience. I am feeling stronger, my clothes are fitting better, and I am still really motivated.

I am glad to see everyone else is really going full speed too and staying with their programs. I’m looking forward to reading all your posts this week too.

Take care and stay strong.



Here’s last week’s workouts:

1. Squat, 115×15, 115×15
2a. Static lunge, 65×15, 65×15
2b. DB single-arm row, 30×15, 30×15
3a. Push-up, 15, 15
3b. Swissball crunch, 20, 20

1. BB DL, 135×15, 155×15
2a. Step up, 60×15, 60×15
2b. DB single-arm overhead press, 30×13, 30×11
3a. Chinup, 5, 5, 4, 4
3b. Reverse crunch, 12, 12, 12, 12

I have one more week of break in before I get to move to the next phase.  I’m definitely looking forward to greater diversity in the workouts, and having it be a more consistent part of my routine instead of only twice a week I think will be a good thing, too.  The pictures don’t really show it, but the I do feel better.  I’m starting to remember how good it felt to hurt a little the next day.

@Robert, don’t worry…I have you beat in the “these pictures all look the same department”!

Nutrition is insanely inconsistent.  Trips to the grocery store are like death by analytical paralysis.  I would almost be willing to give up on cooking and just pay someone $x/day for meals that I just eat and don’t have to worry about.  I’m really interested to see how Aaron did with his diet this week.

That’s it for now.  Good luck to everyone this week!


I can pretty much sum up this week’s blog in three words: Girl-Scout-Cookies.  No really though, this was a rough week in the discipline department.  We celebrated my wife’s birthday, my dad’s birthday and valentine’s day all in the same week.  So my week was full of deliciously healthy food, broken up by small mini-binges.  My main hurdle right now is lack of sleep.  I wake up at 5 am, drive 45 minutes to the hospital where I have clinical until 1 pm. Drive another 30 minutes to campus for class all afternoon, then drive 1 hour home to eat dinner and go to work until 10 pm.  Needless to say, I lack the energy for a good workout and I’m not waking up soon enough to plan my meals for the day.  The good news is, the weather is going to warm up soon, I’ve been picking some stuff out of “gourmet nutrition”, and I’m feeling like I’m on the upswing from last week.  My goal this week is to start measuring my food so I can start accurately dialing in my caloric intake and to get on a more consistent training schedule. Even though I’m disappointed my week three pictures don’t look like the “after” pictures of a hydroxycut ad, I’m still glad I’m doing this accountability and I know it’s going to be a good thing for me.


Each week I sort of dread writing my blog a little. Whether it’s because I didn’t make it to the gym enough, or wasn’t as strict as I could’ve been in my nutrition, I’m just tired, whatever the reasons may be. But once I start to actually write it, I get that re-energized feeling about why I’m doing this. And I find myself looking forward to Kevin’s posts to see everyone’s pictures, and reading all of your blogs make me smile and laugh, because we really are all going through the same ups and downs. One that really hit me this past week was Robert saying how he was going to be the only one with the same looking pictures week after week, and how even if he didn’t make drastic life changes the first day, he’s making steps every day to make better choices and change his habits for the better. This is what I’ve decided to keep telling myself.

A little lesson in accountability: For those who don’t know, I happen to be close friends with Michelle (that’s her up there, half naked, just like me) and we’re typically in constant communication with each other. We’ve gotten into a routine where we’ll text or call each other in the morning to get both our asses out of bed and to the gym. One morning I was super tired and said I was skipping it since I was just going to do cardio. She decided she was going anyway since she was up. After lying there a little while trying to fall back asleep, the guilt got the best of me. All I could think of was, it’s 5:30AM, it’s freezing out, and poor Michelle is trudging her poor ass to the train station all the way into Boston to get to the gym. Me? I have a car starter and about a ten minute commute. I may have been a little late, but I got there.

We also get to train together at Cressey Performance on Saturdays. I know people will think I’m crazy for saying this is a highlight of my week, but it’s true. I wasn’t able to train there consistently for some time and missed it something awful. I never feel I’ve worked as hard as I do when I leave there. People also know we’re a part of this and always ask how it’s going, etc. Brian St. Pierre said I looked like I’d lost weight since I started! He also told me that others will notice a difference before you do – you see yourself everyday, and are constantly nitpicking and focusing on what you think your trouble areas are. So everyone keep that in mind! Heck, even Kevin made an appearance this past weekend. Always good to see you and to trash talk a little (thanks for adding those 2.5lb plates to the bar dude). [Editors note: I just laughed my ass off reading that].

I’m tired, a little sore, and have some minor aches and pains in my hip and back, but I’m looking forward to a new week. And I hope to make every week better than the last. I’m attending a wedding in two weeks, and want to look awesome in my dress. Smallish goals. Baby steps.


I am trying to gain muscle. Desperately. To that end I thought I’d start using pictures that reflect that goal. No more pics of me standing like a creeper in my hallway, we’re DOING IT LIVE with pictures that actually show my muscularity. Or lackthereof at this point. So here I am at 6am monday morning. Please excuse the nipple hair… it’s winter in MN.

On to the blog! Let’s go with a two-part entry for this week: First we’ll lay out the training plan I have been tinkering with, and then an update on how things are progressing overall so far…

Training Breakdown: 170 to 195lb Project

In my first post I mentioned that I would be following Waterbury’s Big Boy Basics programs… well after further reflection I felt the need to create my own plan and really take ownership of it. Something I’ve read over and over is that “without investment there is no follow through”. I kept the rep schemes and the concept of explosive lifting, switched out a couple of exercises and rearranged some of the frequency . Not a complete overhaul, let’s just call it Aaronbury’s Big Boy Basics.

I set this up based on planes of movement, similar to the approach in NROL. I weight-train Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday and Wednesday I do a short ab routine, 25-30 Pullups sporadically over the course of the evening and maybe a very light jog (1 mile). The jog isn’t meant to be anything more than a reason to get up off the couch and a refresher after sitting all day at work. Fridays are completely off, and consist of either an evening out with friends, a date with the pre-wife or extensive Modern Warfare 2 on 360.

Tuesday: BB Bench, BB Row, BB Shrugs, DB chest fly

Thursday: Back Squat, BB Mil Press, Ham Curl w/ swiss ball, BB bicep curl, db tri kickbacks

Saturday: DB Inc Bench, Cable Row, DB chest fly, Upright BB Row

Sunday: Back Squat, DB Seated Mil Press, SLDL, Inc DB Bi curls, tri cable pressdown

Set-rep schemes undulate from session to session (8×3 & 3×8) for most exercises. I’ll try to put together an Excel file to share next week. I just hand write it now, but I’d like to make it printable.

The no-fat, organic, cage-free, low sodium Wrap up

Training-wise I’m getting back into the swing of things after taking the month of January off. I have taken January off for the last 3 years and I think it’s added years to my life. In day-to-day life I’m am one of the most-friendly people you will meet; in the gym I have absolutely no patience. My heart goes out to sincere New Year’s Resolutionists, it really does; I just wish they would pick up a book or a pamphlet on how not to be a complete tosser in the gym.

I really like the program I’ve put together and over the past 3 weeks I’ve made a good deal of progress in terms of poundage and stamina. Hypertrophy is soon to follow. Compliance has been great, I’ve only missed 1 workout so far after jumping on the grenade at work and putting in a 16 hour day last Thursday.

Nutrition-wise… I touched on this a bit last week but I’m still finding a bit difficult to consume all the food. It’s getting better and I’m getting more consistent with it as I make it more of a priority. Compliance has been 80%, and I’m always above what I need on protein. I just need to do some fine-tuning on carbs and I should be squared away. Weight is up 2lbs, measured every other morning.


Okay, this is a little late but there is actually a good excuse. I was SO focused on going to bed last night so I could get up super early
for a workout before I got to the office that I totally forgot to write my update.

Well, this week wasn’t nearly as good as the previous. Actually the week itself went pretty well. I worked out, ate decently with lots and lots of fresh veggies and fruit and even had my first session with my personal trainer. Lamont is really great. He has also worked as a physical therapist and helped me work out my shoulder harder than I can on my own. There are still some limitations on what I can do (yes, I was the girl pressing with 12.5 lb hand weights 😛 ) but it was really amazing to do shoulder work without any pain after years of pushups making me want to cry. We worked out a program where I will be doing mostly cardio, leg work and my PT exercises and then weights with him once a week until I have built up enough strength to work my shoulder without help with stabilization.

This weekend was a total wash. My boyfriend came into town from Mississippi and we celebrated his birthday with dinner at a Moroccan restaurant on Friday and then dinner and drinks out with friends on Saturday. Oh well, I maintained, I didn’t do any permanent damage and I am totally dedicated for a perfect month until PAX East, at which point I will try to do as little damage as possible.


I’ve been overweight basically since I stopped wrestling about 12 years ago.  Yes, I’ve gotten in shape here and there only to put it all back on.  So, I know that it can be HARD to lose weight.  The longer you keep the fat on your body, it seems like the harder it gets to take it off and keep it off.  Well, my mother’s weight struggles have lasted for 32 years (ever since she gave birth to me because she was on bed-rest for around two months – Sorry about that, Mom – I hope I was worth it).  Well, my Mom has become a true inspiration to me.
You see, last March she set a weight loss goal of 70 pounds, and as of last week she has lost all of it.  No that’s not a typo… My Mother has lost SEVENTY pounds in just under a year!!!  I know she felt like she would never reach the goal when she first started (kind of like I feel sometimes), and I know she had lots of ups and downs.  She stuck with it, though, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  She is the same wonderful woman that she’s always been, but she’s just in a much smaller package.  I just wanted to publicly say congratulations to my Mom.  Great job, Mom!!!  I love you.
Now, back to my own weight loss battle…
Monday – Rest Day
Tuesday – 5/3/1/ Lift – Front Squat & 1-Arm DB Row with a timed circuit at the end
Wednesday – Infamous TRX Workout A – Phase 3 – it gets a lot harder in phase 3
Thursday – CSI:NY Interval Workout (I ride the stationary bike at a moderate pace during the show and go hard during the ads)
Friday – 5/3/1 Lift – Deadlift & High Incline DB Press with a timed circuit at the end
Saturday – Infamous TRX Workout B – Phase 3 – this one was brutal – damn you Alwyn Cosgrove!
Sunday – I was supposed to do a 30 mile bike ride, but it was rained out
I was a good boy all week until I went to my in-law’s house for my mother-in-law’s birthday.  I made the mistake of not taking any of my own food.  Lesson learned.  Next time, I’m taking a cooler full of the good stuff, and I don’t care how much crap my brothers-in-law give me.  I ate way more carbs than I’m used to, and since I missed my gravel road ride, those carbs weren’t put to good use.
I still had a pretty good week.  My lifts are feeling great, and overall my diet has been pretty good.  I only lost a half of a pound, so my weight as of this Monday morning was 216.  I did hit 213 earlier in the week, so I’m hoping that some of this weight is from a carb-bloat.
My goal for this week is to eat according to my plan all week with no exceptions.  No scheduled cheat meals, and no unexpected cheat meals for me this week.  I will also get some form of training in every day this week.
That’s it for this week.  Again, congrats to my Mom.  I hope we can all follow in her footsteps (except for those of you who are trying to pack on muscle, of course).  Until next week, buh-bye for now.

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9 Responses

  1. Lynda says:

    Love your blog posts everyone! I’m one of those people who is following your progress and didn’t have the guts to do what you all are doing, so HUGE kudos to you!!! 🙂 I feel as though I can relate to almost all the challenges you are going through, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Carrie: how cool that you and Michelle get to train together at Cressey’s on Saturdays, that sounds like so much fun!!

    Batty, loved the helmet, hehe, you crack me up!

    Tim, apologies for going off topic for a brief moment but who designed your bedroom interior? Vera nice!! I’m sorry, but I can’t help it, I have a thing for design and I was just struck at how nicely the floating shelves looked against the dark wall, I know it’s terribly off topic of me to say, but couldn’t resist.;)

    All of you are heros to me, and you ALL are motivating me just as much as I’m sure you’re motivating each other. Keep it up guys, it’s like the Tao thingy about drops of water, perseverance is acquired by starting small, and doing things consistently. Like drops, little by little, over time. Or something like that 😉 Hehe, but yeah, keep it up!!! Yahooooooo!!!!

  2. Mark says:

    Awesome job everyone!

  3. Michelle C says:

    Yep, folks: it’s happening. I can totally SEE THE CHANGES. You may be doubtful, discouraged, or something else starting with “D”, but you are most definitely transforming right before the interwebs very eyes. I have no reason to lie to you, so just believe me!!
    It really is hard to believe how compliant our bodies can be, especially when the tools we have for measuring aren’t always indicating some drastic change, but trust your eyeballs. Or trust mine 🙂
    Great job, everyone. Keep on keeping on this week! You are doing it!!

  4. LC says:

    Kudos to all for your progress and thanks for being so inspiring to others! Not only are you working hard in the gym and the kitchen, but you construct sentences well and I enjoy reading them.

    @Batty: I have a similar predicament, relatively low BF% that lies all in my butt and legs. You look great and keep lifting.

  5. Luke says:

    Great work, everyone! I screwed up and accidentally emailed my blog post to myself this week ( I’m not sure how I did that – I’m an idiot). I re-sent it to Kevin, so I hope he can still squeeze me in for this week.

    I’m jealous that Carrie and Michelle get to train at Cressey Performance, and on top of that, they get to train together! I just have to train by myself in my basement.

    And Michelle, the Infamous TRX workout is pretty brutal, but if you stick with it, your conditioning will go through the roof. In week 1, you do 3 rounds and think you’re going to die. Then in week 2, you have to do 4 rounds of the same thing. You think there is no way in hell you can do it, but the first 3 rounds feel so much better than the week before so you find yourself gutting it out through the 4th round. Stick with it, and you’ll be rewarded. BTW, Phase 3 is ridiculously hard, but it’s a lot of fun. You can always stay with the earlier phases for an extra week or two, as well, until you adapt to it.

    Again, good work everyone! I’m loving this accountability blog.

  6. Selina says:

    Aaron honey you look hot.

    There I said it.
    I love the arms and the pecs – mever beem a big fan of a six-pack personally. I dunno, your picture just jumped off the page at me.



  7. Aaron says:

    Haha! Thanks Selina, I appreciate the compliment.

    Tim, my diet has been getting a bit better everyday. Admittedly I am guilty of just eating things for the sake of calorie consumption, not the best idea – but it’s better than nothing at this point. I’m going to start to bring more stuff (cans of tuna, loaf of bread)to have on-hand at work to snack on; that should go a long ways towards better compliance.

    Do you have your meal plan laid out, maybe we can look it over in the next blog?

  8. Tim says:

    @Lynda: That’s all me! Thanks for the compliment!

    @Aaron: Planning is exactly what I’m missing. I like your idea of coming up w/ something to put up on the blog. First promise to the rest of the bloggers: I’ll have a nutrition plan in the next update and will start tracking progress against it.

    Good job everyone!

  9. Courtney says:

    Thanks for posting your updates everyone. You guys are really helping me stay motivated during the hellish last few weeks of the quarter. Right now I’m doing good to make it to the gym 3 days a week and all I want is junk food. However, I’m trying to be good, eating lots of fresh veggies, sneaking in little bursts of exercise even when I can’t go to the gym and limiting myself to 2 thinmints a day as a treat.

    Batty: Love your posts. They always make me smile. Thanks for the reminder about weight not being one smooth line down, occasionally I get frustrated when I maintain for only drop a tiny bit one week.