FitCast Accountability Blog (My Name is…) (UPDATE #2)


Here we go. Meet the brave souls who are going to be posting shirtless pictures of themselves each week on this website. I have to give huge props to everyone who submitted their blogs and pictures so far. It takes a lot of courage to post your pictures and story for the whole world to see. As you know I had great success with it using Leigh Peele’s Fat Loss Troubleshoot and Body by Eats. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM if you need to lose weight, especially if you need to do it fast!


PLEASE post comments about the stories and blogs you read and give support to those that may be in a similar situation as you are currently or in the past. I know, this is a lot, but these blogs are important.

Now here is the starting lineup for the 2010 FitCast Accountability Blog!!!!!


First off, a quick Thank You! to Kevin and the FitCast crew for putting this together. I am tremendously excited by this opportunity, and I think this is exactly the kick in @ss I need. I have spent 26 years developing a nasty habit of procrastination/not following through and it’s going to take more than I can muster alone to defeat it.
History & Background Info: I am a 6’2″ 168lbs. 26 year old male currently freezing my non-hypertrophied butt off in Minnesota, where I work in sales/marketing for a small software company. I grew up in a small town and played a number of sports throughout school, primarily basketball which I still play on occasion. I am engaged (Sept. 5th is the Day of Reckoning)to my beautiful girlfriend who I have dated since high school.

I got my start in weightlifting in college about 4 years ago when my roommate and I purchased a bench and some weights at a garage sale. I stuck with it despite having no clue what I was doing, and over the next two years advanced my exercise knowledge slowly but surely but my nutrition was still a disaster. I hit the books on the nutrition side after a chat with a well-built guy at the YMCA who congratulated me on being the only other person he’s ever seen squatting at the club. Again, I slowly pieced it together and now feel like i have a pretty good idea of WHAT to do. I just can seem to get myself to DO IT.

Goal: As you may have guessed by looking at my stats, I’m in desperate need of some additional mass. My goal is to go through a well-organized bulk until Mid-July and transition to a cut in time for the wedding/honeymoon/endless photos…

Nutrition: For the bulking phase I will be going with a 50 carb/30 prot/20 fat breakout, shooting for 3,000 total cals. That may be a bit above what I need and I will be tweaking that if needed. Mass for the sake of mass is not what I’m after. My supps are very basic: whey protein, multi, fish oil, vitamin d and i will be adding creatine after the first month. I respond well to creatine, so I want to make sure the diet is right first.

Training Program: I will be going through a handful of the programs outlined in Chad Waterbury’s Muscle Revolution series, starting with the Big Boy Basics (BBB) program:

If you have questions let me know in the comments.


About Me:

The (nick)name is batty. I am a 36 year old woman living in the exotic locale of Cleveland, Ohio. Creative Director by trade, single mom, and lover of the outdoors.

Where I’ve Been:

I wasn’t a particularly fit person growing up. Like many American kids, I developed a huge addiction to sugar and processed carbs. I carried this addiction throughout most of my life. After the birth of my son, I was probably the worst shape in my life. 5’6″, 191 lbs, and 41% body fat in 2006. At that point I told myself that was it, and I decided to change myself. I started with a simple pilates video that I found in the sale bin at Blockbuster. Over the next year and a half, I shed 50 lbs and 8 clothing sizes…the wrong way, pretty much. After that, I started researching proper fitness and nutrition, and fixed the way i worked out.  I rekindled my love of long distance cycling and cross country skiing, and the S.O. helped me cultivate a love of downhill skiing. This is important to remember, as it will become relevant in a few paragraphs.

I tackled my first century last year, am about to compete in my first cross country ski race, and thanks to The New Rules of Lifting for Women, have become a huge fan of lifting heavy.

Where I am Now:

I should give myself a little credit here, as i’ve come a long way. But, I have been banging my head against ye olde proverbial wall for the past year or so. No matter what I tried, I could not get my body comp to change. Ive been fluctuating between 150-160 and 18-20% BF. I just could not figure it out. Well, no, I know why – its that [surprise surprise] accountability thing. I would set these goals in my head and not tell anyone about them, and without anyone to check me, or my lack of ability to resist temptation, that time of the month [sorry guys!] would roll around and my self discipline would fly out the window. Gain weight, slack on the training, bloat up all to hell, and the vicious cycle repeats.

About a month ago I decided I really needed to Get Serious. No, Really Really Serious. I mean it this time. Don’t look at me like that.  I am eating 40/30-ish/30-ish p/c/f, following New Rules Of Lifting For Women, and doing a little extra cardio on the off days because I want to keep up my endurance for cycling. I am getting most of my carb intake from fruit and veggies and eating slightly below my calculated maintenance that I actually know now thanks to my Polar. I do carb it up a bit on Saturdays and eat at maintenance to keep the metabolism going. Really, I do that so I can enjoy French Toast in the morning. That’s my reward.

I don’t know what got into me, but this has actually been working for me over the past month. My last bit of bad-for-you chocolate was consumed 3 weeks ago. I have no desire nor inclination to consume the bad stuff. I’m proud of myself for that one. I started out this phase of Getting Serious at 160 lbs and 18% body fat. As of my measurements last week, I am down 5 lbs and 1% BF. So, that’s about 3 lbs of fat.

Something is working here.  What I’m seeing change visually has been a great motivator for me.

Remember way up there when I said that bit about downhill skiing was somewhat important? Yeah. Well, this past weekend was our little family’s ski trip in NY. I was doing splendidly until my last run yesterday, bit it pretty hard, and and suffered a minor tear on my MCL. I am now in a brace and on ice for the next couple of days. The brace has to be worn for the next 3 weeks. This is, like, a depth of hell I didn’t really want to experience. No bike. No treadmill. NO LIFTING. OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GONNA DO.

If there’s ever a time I’ve needed any accountability, it’s now. I might be laid up, but I can still follow my eating plan, and do what I can without risking further injury, because my knee is kinda important.

The Plan:

My 37th birthday is in April. For said birthday, I want a 6 pack and a cheesecake. No, not that kind of 6 pack, the good kind.  I could tell you that obtaining said 6 pack would be achieved by obtaining approximately 10.43674% body fat, but I don’t know that. I am just going to keep going til i see it.

Obviously, my accident has thrown a HUGE wrench into the works. I thought “how can I possibly compete in this now?” and considered bowing out. But, like I’ve said, if there’s *any* time I’ve needed that motivator to preserve my progress, it’s now. I still need this. i CAN keep going, just not hard right now. I can still do this right.

I can still work on upper body strength. I can find good, safe ways to get some exercise in – obviously, any suggestions would be welcome. So, that’s what I’m going to do. Another goal is to actually be able to do 5 pullups in a row. My legs are awesome, I was dead lifting 180 lbs. in the beginning stage of NROL4W, but my UB strength is horrid. I guess I have the time to work on that now.

Once I get the clear from the doc, I’ll slowly get back to business. At least, the business I was meaning before this mess. I got my work cut out for me.

Included: Current body pictures, with the bonus of my sex-ay brace. I am actually happy with how my upper body is progressing. Most of my fat storage is in my butt, thighs, and a bit in the abs. But, I’m starting to see definition in the upper abs and I am rather pleased.





roughly 155-158 (it’s been a while since I’ve weighed myself)

Ok, if I’m being completely honest here, I have to admit as soon as I got the email that I’d been chosen for this accountability thing, I immediately got a little nervous – it was just a mild panic attack – and wanted out (and may or may not have shoved two mini milkyways down my throat)… which is exactly WHY I need to be a part of it.

I’ve been active for the most part in my adult life. Whether it was running, working out with lighter weights, pilates, softball, or some form of miscellaneous exercise. About two years ago, I bought the New Rules of Lifting for Women, started following the programs and got more interested in weight training. Having dealt with a “bum” hip most of my life, a friend suggested I check out Cressey Performance here in MA, just so I could be sure I was lifting with proper form, and not potentially doing more harm than good. I’ve been training with those guys for about a year and half now, virtually pain free.

Recently I saw a picture of myself on vacation back in June when I was more focused on my training and nutrition. Then a friend posted some pictures from a Christmas party this December. This made me sad. It’s not necessarily that I didn’t know it was happening, but every picture tells a story, don’t it? I’ve tried getting back on track on my own, or have at least said I was going to, and have failed. Sometimes never even started. Kevin announcing this thing couldn’t have come at a better time!

So, no more excuses! I’ve got a program from Tony that has me strength training 4x per week, once with him at CP on Saturdays. I’ve got Kevin backing me on the nutrition end. I had a long, loving goodbye with my red wine last night (oh, how I will miss you) and I’m ready to regain the strength and confidence I felt like I had, or was starting to have last spring, and just to feel healthy again. My goal is to lose 12-15 lbs. and hopefully be able to see some definition. Knowing I have to check in here with you guys every week, and more importantly post pictures (EEK!) is sure to keep me in check. Wish me luck! [editor’s note: Yes, I am writing Carrie’s nutrition, and she will still be able to have red wine…]


39 years old, 5 foot 10 inches tall, 212 lbs, 25% of which is fat. It’s hard to put them numbers on paper let alone a public blog, but listening to the fitcast and reading blogs I’ve come to realize that accountability is what I need.    I always considered myself to be athletic. I played team sports growing up and then the United States Marine Corps turned me into a runner. Not a very fast runner, but a runner none the less. I’ve done marathons and triathlons and felt a sense of great accomplishment crossing the finish line after months of hard work. During this period I lost weight and felt pretty good about myself. Only one problem- the weight I lost was mostly muscle and the spare tire remained.  After a foot injury a few years ago I changed my thinking away from such extreme endurance events and committed to getting in the gym. Over the last few years I’ve put on some muscle but also fat.

My plan is to follow Tom Venuto’s Body Fat Solution program. When you read Tom’s book and blogs you realize this dude knows how to lose fat. And not just for himself, he knows how to teach.  He understands that eating is emotional and gives techniques on dealing with that devil on your shoulder saying “You worked out today, you deserve four bowls of your kids fruit loops.” I’ll track my calories using the Livestrong App on my iPhone which I like since it’s portable.

My goal is to look like I go to the gym, to feel good in my clothes and look good for my wife.  I’m not concerned about scale weight although I will use it to track progress.

I guess this is the start of a new type of endurance event. Hopefully I can stay motivated and make some progress in the right direction. -Ken


Hello.  My name is Luke, and I’m a fat bastard.  Phew!  It feels good to get that off my chest.  I’ve been in denial for far too long.  I thought I was “bulking” when I had simply gotten fat and out of shape.  Then someone actually told me, “You look like you used to work out.”  Used to??? What the hell does that mean?!?

I wasn’t always this way.  I used to have abs.  Then I got married to my dream girl, and we had the four best kids in the world.  This led to me becoming the porker I am today… Okay, my wife and kids have never been the problem, although that was one of my many excuses and rationalizations.  The major problem for me is consistency.

I’ve actually gotten in fairly good shape several times over the last four or five years.  However, every time I got close to my goal I would just completely fall off the wagon.  Well, never again!  I’m tired of feeling self-conscious about taking my shirt off.  I’m tired of feeling fat and disgusting.  I’m tired of not living up to my true potential.

Since I’m trying to become a CSCS before the end of the year, I HAVE to change.  There is no alternative.  Let’s be honest.  Nobody is going to take me seriously as a coach if I’m fat and out of shape.  Even if I could learn more than Mike Boyle, Eric Cressey, and Alwyn Cosgrove combined, I’m limiting myself as long as I stay fat.

I also love adventure racing and mt. biking, but it’s pretty hard to be fast when you’re fat.   At many races there is a separate category for guys like me (over 200 pounds) – the Clydesdale division.  Well, I refuse to be a Clydesdale anymore.

I’m 5’ 10”, and I weighed 230 pounds as of Jan 4th.  I’m down to 221 right now which is a decent start.  Not mind-blowing, but not bad.  My goal is to get below 200 pounds while losing as little lean body mass as possible.  I want people to look at me and realize that I train hard (no more of this “Used-to” BS).  I want to look good and feel good.

To reach my goal, I’m using Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program combined with Coach Dos’s Cardio Strength Training.  For my diet, I’m using Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition.


Hi everyone, I’m michelle. Saying that makes me feel like I’m in an AA group, or maybe it’s an OE group, I guess that would make more sense seeing how I am here to lose weight.. A little bit about me and my past, I’m 33 about 5’7”, last time I weighed myself I believe I was 165 pounds. I’ve been training with Tony consistently for roughly the past two years. He kicks my ass every Saturday and writes my programs for the rest of the week as well. I train at sports club la in boston usually two other days in addition to training on Saturdays at cressey performance.

Training isn’t my issue, I love to train, I train hard. Eating is my issue. I don’t cook so the majority of my meals are eaten out. I do typically stay away from your mcdonalds and burger king fast food places but I do not eat well at restaurants. I love food, pizza probably being my biggest love/downfall. I’m on here basically to get on track with eating healthy and lose fat. Not sure that I have any specific number in mind for pounds to lose, but I would like to get back down to a size 8 in jeans. When I told Kevin why I wanted to do this contest, one of my main reasons was to get back into my jeans. He may have thought I was joking, but I take jeans very seriously (I have the serious business face on) and I want to get back into my jeans without fear of taking someone’s eye out with a popped button. Have you seen that commercial where everyone’s pants are popping open, it’s hysterical; it’s also become my life…

A while back Brian St. Pierre wrote me a diet to follow, he based it loosely on the warp speed diet that a bunch of people at CP were doing, I did it for a month or two and had some good results. I felt great about myself but I got bored so I went back to eating like crap. So I’m going to give that another go. I’m trying to learn how to cook so maybe I won’t become bored with the program. Oh and another goal of mine is to get to the gym at least five times a week. I’ll train three days and do cardio or intervals the other two. Now that I’ve put that out there I have to do it. Wish me luck!


My name is Robert.  I am 27 years old, 5’9”, 200 lbs, and 19 % body fat. I’ve been listening to the Fitcast since the John Williams days.  I used to work in a medical lab so it would just be me with my ipod  listening to the FitCast for 8 hours until I caught up on all the episodes.  After I got over my paralysis by analysis, I bought “New Rules of Lifting”, ready to start my new life.  Then two weeks into the program, I was in a pretty serious motorcycle accident.  Long story short, I was dragged under a car for 30 feet on the freeway.  Needless to say, I wasn’t able to do much training after that.  My recovery was slow and I found myself getting busier and busier; I was accepted into nursing school and Air Force ROTC while trying to manage my family of a wife and three children.  I had no time to work out and I just kept gaining more fat with each child’s birth.

Fast forward two years and add two dogs; I now have my NASM-CPT and work as a trainer in a franchise gym.  I definitely feel like a hypocrite, not having the time to do what I tell my clients to do, but this is the busiest I’ve been in a long time. I’m here to prove to my clients and myself, that there is literally no excuse for not being fit.

My goals are to drop my body fat back down to 15%, where I’ve had it the last two summers (12% long term goal), improve my performance on the soccer field (I play in an adult league on Sundays), and score a 100% on the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA).  The PFA consists of doing 62 pushups in 1 minute, 55 sit-ups in 1 min. and run 1.5 miles in 9:30.  I will be using turbulence training with a little kettlebell training added in, and precision nutrition.  I also do 1-2 days of calisthenics and running for my air force training and soccer on the weekends.


My name is Dave W. and I am a 28 yr old from Central Illinois….that’s the part that ISNT Chicago. Yes there is Illinois outside Chicago, but I digress.

I am a divorced father of 2 small children, and have been a Police Officer for 5 years. Fitness has been a struggle for me my entire life, but no more. 2010 is my year!

I am committed to making this my year to start the life I always wanted. I am happily engaged to be married to the woman of my dreams this summer, and I have my kids with us 50% of the time. This year I get the privilege of starting several exciting things at work, including my first year on a SWAT type team, my first year being a national instructor for 2 classes, and my first year as a Physical Fitness program and gym coordinator.

I have had a love-hate relationship with fitness for years. Coming out of high school I was 286 lbs and could barely bench the bar. 5 years later coming out of the Police Academy I was down to 165 lbs and benching 200 lbs. 2008 was a rough year for me, with a tough divorce causing a lot of comfort eating and a loss of commitment to my fitness. I started 2009 back at 235 lbs. and with a sad bench once again.

The last few months I have made a strong attempt at getting back to the fit person I wanted to be, thanks in no small part to the weekly advice and encouragement I have gotten from the Fitcast.

My biggest current weaknesses are twofold: 1) Eating wrong and snacking; and 2) slacking off and skipping occasional workouts. I tend to “graze” at work, stopping at different offices for a piece of candy or an occasional doughnut (NO COPS AND DOUGHNUTS JOKES PLEASE). I also sometimes find myself in a workout slump, having skipped one, then two, then maybe even 3 workouts in a week only to be deeply disappointed in myself.

My plan is to use this experience to help me get back on track. I need the accountability this will provide to make sure I DON’T keep these habits up. I am committed to this and AM going to make it happen.

I am going to be basing my eating on Leigh Peele’s books and blog posts as well as using the Livestrong websits’s Daily Plate food tracking system. I will be using a fitness plan from my Police Academy involving alternating steady state and interval cardio, as well as lifting with a universal machine and kettlebells.

Wish me luck and I look forward to hearing from all of you. Keep me in line, just remember to be nice….

After all, I do have a lot of friends with radar guns…..


First, thanks for the innovation.  Tons of content, work out videos, the new video/interactive podcast, this accountability contest, all for free.  There’s no one else I know of doing this and it’s really encouraging to see people with your energy and expertise willing to give so much to your audience.  Nice.

I’ve flirted with resistance training off and on for the past five years.  I didn’t grow up athletic, and that set me down a course of relying on a naturally high metabolism and not doing anything to improve my actual health.  It was when I bought Scrawny to Brawny that I was first exposed to real weight training.  I devoured that book, and I stuck to the program for a few weeks, but a combination of work constraints, poorly tuned diet, and lack of motivation tanked my results and I lost momentum far short of seeing any results.

I then picked up a program off, and I followed it religiously for three or four months.  I actually started to see results, and so did my friends.  I picked up a workout partner who I was partially “training” with the same program, and things were good.  I was motivated.  My nutrition wasn’t awful.  I was seeing changes.  Then, my workout partner had a life change, I lost him, and motivation took a nose dive.  I’ve bounced in and out of training for the 2 years since that and nothing has ever stuck like it did when I had someone by my side to help motivate me, and for me to help motivate.

I just turned 30 this past November, and I’m ready for lifestyle changes.  Until 4 months ago, I was an off and on smoker for nearly half of my life.  I feel like in the past four months I’ve really turned the corner on my addiction, and I want to capitalize on that momentum to get on the road to making my 30s better than my 20s.  The times I had the healthiest habits were when I had someone there with me.  Today I don’t really have anyone to serve that role.  I’m hoping the FitCast crew and audience can help fill the gap and get me on the path to better health and staying committed to that path.

In New Rules of Lifting, Lou and Alwyn basically define me to a T on page 195 as “the guy who considers skinny an insult”.  On top of that, I love the straight forward no nonsense approach of this book, so I want to see what kind of results I can get with their program plus your support.  That means 4 weeks of break in,  6 weeks of hypertrophy, a week off, eight weeks of hypertrophy, two weeks off, then four weeks of strength work, and that’s just the first six months.

Ultimately, my goal is to develop a life-long habit.  Just like I want to turn my life as a smoker into a life as a non-smoker, I want to turn my life as an unhealthy 20-something into a life as a healthy and active 30-something and beyond.  I’m not interested in medals.  I do not want to win contests.  I just want to get far enough down the road of good health that it becomes integral to my life instead of just a passing interest.

Thanks for the consideration and keep up the good work!  The FitCast is an invaluable resource, and it keeps me laughing at a minimum.  I’m attaching some photos for the “before”.


About Me:
Hi. My name is Craig and I am 26 years old and I am currently a student living in Georgia. Kevin didn’t get my first post that I sent so I am doing another!

I started training and trying to lose weight a couple of years ago and I’ve learned so much in that time period. I’ve done everything from fasted cardio, to working with a champion bodybuilder. The thing that I have learned the most is that all the amount of knowledge in the world doesn’t matter without application and consistency and here is where I am lacking the most. This accountability blog and community is where I hope to get that support because of the years I have always felt alone in my fat loss. My family doesn’t really understand it, and my friends certainly don’t either (none of them train).

Anyway my goal is to lose 45lb by July 4th. This is a pretty arbitrary goal, but specific none the less and something to shoot for. I am part of the Johnstonefitness Bodyshop BETA so I will tracking most of my stats there and will use Livestrong’s Dailyplate for tracking food. One thing I have learned is that keep copius amounts of tracking statistics helps a lot! I will be using a combination of Precision Nutrition and Alan Aragon’s Girth Control to get my nutrition in order.

My strength training programs are done by Tony Gentilcore and and I’m suprised he hasn’t given up on me yet 🙂 “Success comes from good judgement, good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.” is a good quote to live by.


My name is Larry  and I am 56 years old with a four year old son. My daughters from my first marriage are 24 and 26 years old.

Interestingly, during most of my youth and adult life, I was neither overweight nor unfit, in fact, weight training, playing tennis and skiing, running, and century biking in my thirties, Appalachian Trail hiking in my forties, always maintaining a fairly healthy and muscular body between 145-155 pounds.

After an amicable divorce in 1999, remarriage to a woman 11 years younger than me, Nancy, in 2002, and after the birth of my son, I found myself in the worst physical condition of my life, suffering from sleep apnea, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression. At 5’4” I weighed over 250 pounds and was napping for over two hours a day. When it finally dawned on me that I truly wanted to be around for my daughters and son for a long time, I was motivated to take some positive steps towards improving my physical and mental well-being. With great effort, I was able to take my weight down to about 175 pounds and virtually eliminate all of my previous health issues. However, I now find my weight creeping back up to about 200 pounds and want to arrest the process with this program. [2/5/2010 – 205 pounds at 36% bodyfat]



To look and feel better every day. To develop explosive speed, low body-fat

composition, muscular strength, flexibility, low blood pressure, aerobic fitness, and

muscular endurance. To weigh under150 pounds at less than 10% body-fat, feel

great, and experience total well-being, by:

  • l  Exercise daily, eat healthy and nutritious foods.
  • l  Awake by 5:30 AM, dress & exercise.
  • l  Have a small waist, broad shoulders, and dominating chest.
  • l  Appear naturally lean, strong, and muscular.
  • l  Control my body fat, gain muscle, and lose body fat easily.
  • l  Be successful at strength, plyometric, and power sports.
  • l  Drink water morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • l  Stop eating by 9:00 PM.
  • l  Maintain my weight under 150 pounds, with less than 10% body fat.
  • l  Wear a 40 short suit and 30-32 inch pants.
  • l  Maintain a “fit and trim” appearance with a happy, healthy, and grateful attitude.

Phase I: Regain control of my diet and exercise routine, go from my current weight down to 174 pounds, not miss a workout.

Phase II: Fine tune my diet and exercise routine, go from 174 pounds down to 145-150 pounds at 10% body fat, not miss a workout.

Phase III: Maintain a healthy eating routine (balanced meals of whole foods, 90% compliance) with my weight held between 145 – 150 at about 10% body fat.


Cardio: Treadmill – 48 minutes “Hills” at 4 MPH alternating with 45 minutes Cross-Train intervals at 4 MPH and 6 MPH, three days per week.

Weights: A two day split weight training routine (following a published BFFM routine) four days per week.

Make Sunday a “Fun Day” to spend with family and get some outdoor activity

My goals is to eat 1800-2000 calories per day and exercise either cardio or weight training six days per week with a “fun day” of some type on Sunday (one day would be a double, cardio & weights). My food plan in based on the BFFM and The Body Fat Solution, eating five meals per day, a protein and carbohydrate at each feeding, consuming whole foods, healthy oils, weighing and measuring, using the following supplements – Centrum, fish oil, BCAA’s, L-glutamine, ZMA, XTend, and creatine. The only medication I currently take is Zocor and Bayer aspirin. I take ibuprofen for muscle soreness.

PHOTOS: see attached, older, more recent, will email front & side on Monday


At a little over 250 pounds in October 2008, I started by just walking on a treadmill in my home for 36 minutes daily at a 3 mph pace. Gradually I increased that to “hills” for 48 minutes at a 4 mph pace. I also started a whole body weight training routine early in 2009, so would get on the treadmill three to four times per week and weight train three times per week.

About this time I bought the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) eBook by Tom Venuto and also purchased the P90X Program by Tony Horton. I read, then meticulously studied the BFFM book, and had the P90X videos playing on my TV while I did my weight training, thinking that eventually I would be able to do the P90X Program.

After about six months of doing my whole body workout, I changed to doing a 12-week transformation weight training routine by Kris Gethin on the website and got amazing results. My wife Nancy could not believe the difference in my chest, back and arms. During this time, my weight had gone down from 250 to about 175 at its lowest, at the end of the summer of 2009

About this time, I was experiencing severe shoulder pain and was told surgery would be necessary to repair arthritis, a bone spur, and an AC tear. With my doctor’s permission, I continued to work out (and still do) modifying my movements to minimally stress the problem areas, but still work on building the muscle to aid in the post-surgical recovery process. I have had two cortisone shots into the joint with very good results and will probably have the shoulder operated on later this year.


My greatest weakness is not exercise nor my typical daily diet, but rather my consumption of additional food between the hours of 8 – 10 PM when after a hard, stressful day of work, exercise, and existence at a “calorie deficit”, I feel like chewing my arm off. Sometimes I attack pretzels, nuts or peanut butter, other times yogurt and cereal or protein bars. Regardless, I know this must stop and my hope is the ACCOUNTABILITY necessary to succeed here will help my process.

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  1. Ken says:

    Good luck to the brave souls above. Seeing my picture on this blog makes me nervous and excited at the same time. Thanks again Kevin. Looks like the turn out was a little smaller than you origionally expected.

  2. Terry Saunders says:

    Hey Guys.

    Massive congrats to you all for having the courage to do this.

  3. batty says:

    after reading everyones’ stories, its kind of reassuring that i’m not alone in this – that we all have similar issues and challenges and have to muster a hell of a lot of dedication to accomplish our goals. watching everyone elses’ progress is certainly going to help me keep my butt in line.

    i feel so close to you guys.

    aw, group hug.

    good luck everyone! let’s kick some arse.

  4. Lynda says:

    Congrats everyone for being brave enough to put yourselves out there, huge hats off to you guys and gals!!

  5. Luke says:

    I agree with Batty. I feel much better after reading about the rest of you guys and gals. This is going to be fantastic for all of us. Good luck everyone.

  6. You guys are going to kick ass with this. Don’t forget, updates do every Monday!

  7. Michelle C says:

    WOW!! Best of luck to all of you. Thanks for putting yourselves out there; you are going to inspire a lot of the Fitcasters and we will all be pulling for you. So many of your stories resonated with me & I look forward to hearing about your journeys and transformations. Thanks for putting this together, Kevin. The Fitcast does it again!

  8. Ted40110 says:

    I used to be fat like that.Great method to help us get a healthy body and fascinated complexion.

  9. Niel says:

    Best of luck everyone!

  10. Bob Jenkins says:

    All I can say is wow. It takes major determination to stand exposed before the entirety of the world and say, “This is my body, and I’m going to change it.” Hats off to all of you.

    You don’t need luck.

  11. Jen says:

    Lucas–Your blog was GREAT. Love the honesty. You are relatable and although I know you are committed and very serious, you cracked me up. Love it. I’ll be cheering you on.

  12. Luke says:

    Thanks Jen! I’ll need all the cheering I can get.