Guest Blog: The Incredible Internship of Kevin Larrabee

theoffice-thatswhatshesaid-michaelBy: Brian St. Pierre, CSCS

Kevin has left his indelible mark forever at Cressey Performance. I highly doubt there will ever be another intern quite like him. His obsession with lame TV shows like Chuck, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and that crappy Terminator show. His incorrect insistence that Star Trek is better than Star Wars, which we all know is asinine, along with his overall terrible taste in movies (Transporter series?). His relentless use of “that’s what she said”, at least 5-10 times per hour, often to his own comments.

He also has an incredible resemblance to George Costanza, with his very loud and random outbursts. Kevin is getting upset!


There are lots of other Kevinisms that I would love to cover that this small blog can’t even begin to serve justice. Even with all that ridiculousness, Kevin has transformed into a pretty good strength and conditioning coach.

As a CP intern, one of your main jobs is to teach clients the weekly dynamic warm-ups. Since this changes almost every week, you become very competent in a large variety of dynamic mobility work, and Kevin is certainly no exception.


Unlike a lot of other facilities, CP interns are expected to be hands on and coach their asses off right alongside Eric, Tony and I. It is much more of a trial by fire, and Kevin took to it well, always willing to jump in and coach, never showing hesitancy. That’s not even something I can always say for myself when I was a CP intern.

All in all, Kevin has earned my respect for knowing his stuff, showing his eagerness to learn, and an amazing ability to miss more bench press attempts than any person alive.

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