Episode 86: Spot Reduction

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FitCast News

  • RZG Podcast now on iTunes
  • Asking for anyone involved with games
  • Dave from BSL coming on next week (with special deal)


  • Hey Guys, Love the show. I have a quick question for the mailbag. Currently I am working 50-60 hours per week and I can only find time to hit the gym twice a week, would it be best to do an upper/lower split or two fullbody workouts? Thanks, Josh
  • On the last show Kevin said that Jimmy will be surprised with how much bigger he has gotten, what has changed in your workout and/or diet?
  • Do you guys have any opinion on Adam Campbell’s TNT Diet book, I haven’t heard you talk about it on the show and it seems to be pretty popular.
  • I am looking for more ideas for HIIT workouts, any crazy ideas?


Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman are putting on a seminar on May 17th in Indianapolis.

Here are the details:

When: Saturday, May 17th, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Where: Omni Severin Hotel, Downtown Indianapolis
Cost: $129 Before April 1st; $159 April 1st and after

Here is the Seminar Flier with all of the information on the presentations

Click Here for more information on how to sign up for the seminar

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