Interview: John Romaniello (The Super Hero Workout)

John Romaniello joins me to talk about how he utilizes multiple fasting protocols, what kind of “cheat” is right for you, how and were to program your conditioning, what people are screwing up the most when it comes to their nutrition, and much more!

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If you like what you hear and it sounds like the Super Hero Workout is up your alley you can check it out risk free.



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2 Responses

  1. Joe Finn says:

    The Super Hero Workout sounds awesome. My performance and strength is getting better as I train harder but I never seem to be able to get that great body I want. Don’t know if the wife will let me splash the cash right now, though 🙁

    I enjoyed John’s rant about supplements. I’ve started drinking protein shakes because it’s really hard for me to get enough protein in to my body in a day. It also tastes great and it’s pretty cheap.

  2. Matt says:

    bought this program and it looks fantastic. Can’t wait to start it.

    One thing I noticed was that the topics below from the ad were not discussed in the e-book. Or I over looked them.

    •Find out which “power foods” actually generate muscle and when is the best time to eat them

    •Identify and eliminate the Kryptonite foods that rob you of your strength and progress so that you maintain your killer physique for good…and not just a few weeks