Last Chance to get Stave Mode for $33 and FitCast Game Night Details!

It looks like Leigh forgot to end the discount on Starve Mode at midnight.
I am guessing she passed out from a crazy week with the launch of the book!

You can pick up the package that comes with the Updated Fat Loss
Troubleshoot and the new book, “Starve Mode” for just $33.

Take the weekend to read through it and get going on your fat loss/physique
goals on Monday.

You can check out the video explaining Stave More here

Here is where you can pickup the book for $33. Jump on it fast! I do not
know when she is going to wake up and end the sale!

Pick up the book here


Leigh will be doing another interview with me this weekend to follow up on
everything and answer your questions, so stay tuned.

Also if we hit 20 sales of the book we are going to do a PlayStation 3/Vita
game night with the FitCast audience! It is your chance to kick our asses

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