Lift Strong

We talked about the Lift Strong project on the show a few weeks ago, and today you can actually order it! Like we said on the show this thing is HUGE, over 800 pages HUGE!

Just look at this list:

Adam Campbell; Alan Aragon; Bill Hartman; Bob Youngs; Brian Grasso; Chad Waterbury; Charles Staley; Chris Mohr; Chris Shugart; Craig Ballantyne; Dan John; Dave Tate; Dax Moy; The Doorman; Eric Cressey; Gray Cook; Brett Jones; Harry Selkow; Jack Reape; James Smith; Jason C Brown; Jim “Smitty” Smith; Jason Ferruggia; Jimmy Smith; Joe DeFranco; Joe Dowdell; Joe Stankowski; John Alvino; John Berardi; Julia Ladewski; Keith Scott; Lee Taft; Lori Incledon; Lou Schuler; Lyle McDonald; Mark Philippi; Michael Stare; Mike Boyle; Mike Mahler; Mike Mejia; Mike Robertson; Mike Rousell; Nick Grantham; Pat Beith; Pavel Tsatsouline; Rachel Cosgrove; Robert Dos Remedios; Ryan Lee; Steve Shafley; Susan Hill; TC Luoma; Todd Hamer; Tony Gentilcore; Tony Reynolds and Zach Even-Esh.

Not a bad list huh? All of the proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. At $24.99 everyone wins, so again, what are you waiting for? ORDER IT!!

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1 Response

  1. Michele Hebert says:

    Done! I ordered mine, and I can’t wait till it comes in!