Low Carb Muscle Building

By: Jimmy Smith


 A lot has been written about low carbohydrate diets and the ability to build muscle. More or less, we’re looking for the magical effect known as “adding muscle while losing fat”. You have those who argue that we need carbohydrate due to there effect on enhancing glycogen storage thus causing anabolic processes to occur once. On the other hand, there’s individuals who ignore quick post workout carbs due to the large insulin spike.

In all honesty, I think it has more to do with protein synthesis. The latest research on leucine shows it to be more anti-catabolic as opposed to anabolic. We also know that our body will pull amino acids from our muscle stores if we do not have enough glycogen. Do I think it’s possible to add muscle mass while on a low carb diet? I think so and it has alot to do with a supercompensation effect that occurs when we’re glycogen depleted. Just some food for though.

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1 Response

  1. Jimi Varner says:


    Good food for thought. I agree, it may have more to do with protein synthesis. The supercompensation effect as well as proper timing is still in it’s infancy. We’ve all got so much to learn. I know for myself, low-carb/anabolic-type nutrition has worked in the past, but again, it has it’s limitations if fast-acting carbs are completely ignored. When I was involved in pro wrestling, I would eat ‘atkins’ all week, then carb up hours before a big match, and the following day, I looked huge, tight, and cut….for a few hours that is. By Monday, I was smooth and looked and felt like crap.

    Doing a great job on the show. Keep digging at Kevin, he earns each one…lol. NWA? MWA?….