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Newsletter: Dave Tate, Alwyn Cosgrove, HUGE Discount on S&C Webinars

What a crazy week!

First, don’t forget that Episode 147 of The FitCast is now up. This week we had a fierce debate about fat loss supplements, talked about nerve issues, hoodia, fish oil vs flax oil, body fat percentage measurement and more! It was one jam packed show! And as we mentioned. Talk to us! Leave comments if you have your own opinion on the topics we discussed.

I have been talking with Dave Tate about getting him back on the show and it is going to be happening next week. We are going to talk about EliteFTS.com’s new line of Lift Strong Apparel, his Strong(er) programs, and much more. We need your questions for Dave! Reply to this e-mail with your questions!

Speaking of guests, Alwyn Cosgrove will be coming on the week after Dave. We will get an update of Lift Strong, and talk business, fat loss, and what is new on the west coast at his facility.

Lastly, you are CRAZY if you haven’t taken Anthony up on the EXCLUSIVE FitCast discount on Strengthandconditioningwebinars.com. Head over to the special offer page and check it out! This may be the most important resource I have ever seen for trainers, strength coaches, and fitness enthusiasts.

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