Perform Better Meeting of the Minds: Live Blog

I am here in Arizona for the 2011 Perform Better Meeting of the Minds. Mike Boyle and I flew up this morning while there was snow on the ground in Massachusetts and landed to 80 degree weather with clear skies. There was one major let down though, the water park is only open on Saturday and Sunday!

Anyways for the whole weekend I will CONSTANTLY be updating this post with thoughts from the seminar while the presentations are going on. Who knows I might even post some audio or video too.

Perform Better does HANDS DOWN the best Seminars in the industry. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss the next one. Check out their seminar schedule on their website: Also they are makign a DVD set of the weekend. Keep an eye out for it you are only getting 1% of the content.


Friday 12:30pm PST

Martin Rooney

Every single time I see Martin speak I come away thinking that he is the man and we need more guys like him in this industry. He bleeds strength and conditioning. He hit on a lot in the 90 minute talk, starting with the history of the industry and where he thinks it is going.

From the 60’s and 70’s where we were looking at the Russians because their athletes were becoming some of the best in the world, of course we later found out they had some anabolic help.

(Will come back to this soon, Berardi is up now)

John Berardi

John is talking about Nutrition and the  Future of Body Transformation. Always great to see him present and was awesome catching up with him after over a year.

Good point from John about why he chose the word, “Precise.” And how Verstegan used the word, “Behavior Upgrades,’ and how he thought a hell of a lot about it because of it’s strong meeting.

“Are we teaching exercise or changing lives?”

Looking at the field of, “Change Philosophy” to increase compliance.

“Create an environment for contemplating change”

“Motivation/will power is like a muscle, it can get fatigued”

“Lead people to success by removing the obstacles in their way”

“What do I do (for my client) when motivation has worn/run out” [The Blackmail Diet]

“The Minimum Effective Dose”

[Kevin talking:]I think we are getting into less is more and the simplification of nutrition. I still don’t know what the best way is to address this with clients. Maybe some people need things to be simple while others need things to be more exact and calculated. Is having less to think about or more to think about better when it comes to nutrition compliance? Also Berardi is a bad ass presenter, he has even made big strides since I saw him for the first time back in 2006.

Berardi just brought up the 6-meals a day stimulating metabolism discussion. And was straight up that he championed it. It does work for people and can control hunger.

Now talking about Intermittent Fasting. “It better regulated my blood sugar”

“Some people too terribly with two large meals when it comes to hunger”

Precision Nutrition

[Kevin talking:] Totally agree that some people do well with 6-meals and some do great with IF, it is not one size fits all. Both work. I still think there is a lot of benefits hormonally with IF. Kind of interesting to hear the audience’s mind get blown that he just supported IF. Like someone asking, “But what about pre workout nutrition.” Or, How do I fit in all 9 servings of fruits and vegetables with IF?” 

John Clarifies that he just wants us to think about how to make things easier for our clients when it comes to nutrition.

The Intermittent Fasting mentioning is brining up a lot of questions from the crowd. Interesting…

Intermitted Fasting is, “the next trend” (He is not saying that is a bad thing!)

[Kevin talking:] I agree that overall everyone is going to jump on this. It had been around for a while, just check out Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat (first edition was in 2006)

Alwyn Cosgrove

Next up is Alwyn Cosgrove on “Solutions for the Future of FItness Programming”

Selling you something that you can not see, like the fitness industry, something that you do not get immediately.

How can we take away the risk our clients take?

Bringing the comedy as always, crowd is laughing their asses off.

One trend that AC is seeing is that in the 12 years that Results Fitness has been open FMS scores on new clients are declining (as we continue to move less and less).

“You need exceptional systems”

We need to move toward “self limiting exercises” Think sled work, inverted trx row, goblet and front position work.

Day 2

In the morning I got to head out to Athletes Performance with (WARNING: Name Drops Ahead) Mark Verstegan, Mike Boyle, Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove, and Ana Tocco (Check out here site). It really is an amazing facility. The biggest thing I took away from it was how they eliminate as many obstacles to their athletes success as possible. They take care of all of their meals, training, recovery, etc. There are even Xbox 360’s hooked up with a place for the athletes to just hang out before or after training. Mark gave us a 25-30 minute tour with complementary EAS Shakes as well.

One thing I want to hit on more closely is how they already have the athletes nutrition planned out to the T. From supplements, to ratio of food in their meals cooked in the kitchen, to hydration. The system itself was very impressive.

Don Chu

Cam in about 45 minutes late to Don’s talk as we were driving back from AP. His talk is on, “Extreme Flexibility.” Lots of great stuff so far from assessment tests to going in depth on the relationship between muscle and fascia.

Mike Boyle

Mike is up, no holds bared. Crossfit and NSCA be aware.

“Fat Loss. This will always sell.”

“The ramifications of obesity…carrying a second person of body fat around is taxing.”

Mike showed a clip of him doing hurdle jumps from 1993 with the question, “What do you notice?” Verstegan yells out, “You had hair!” Still funny.

“In 1922 we knew single leg training was better”


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