Poor Tracy Anderson…

doing-it-wrongBy: Kevin Larrabee, CSCS

Uh-oh. Looks like Tracy Anderson’s new gym is in some trouble. As we mentioned before, Anderson and actress/clients Gwyneth Paltrow decided to go into the gym business and bring Anderson’s two hours/6-day a week workouts to the public. Well, it looks like things aren’t going so well for the new venture. The Huffington Post reported that the gym is have trouble obtaining members. It seems like the main reason is the price.  The “spy” that contacted the Huffington Post said,

“Membership is like $4,500 to join and then hundreds of dollars a month. Who can afford that right now?”

I could not agree more with this spy (and spies are cool anyways). Here are some more details on the membership’s cost:

“In addition to the monthly dues at the new studio, members must pay an initiation fee of $787.50 for six months or $1,500 for a year.”

Really? Thousands of dollars a year to use some f**king rubber bands and to see three story posters of Tracy’s plastic looking body? No thanks.

I beg all of the women that read this blog and listen to The FitCast. Educate your female friends about the BS that Anderson is spewing, because I can promise you that they have seen her or Paltrow talking about how you need to exercise two hours a day six days a week.

If you haven’t seen how Anderson trains her client’s check out this blog post from a few weeks ago. And to be safe, make sure there is no one around you within shouting distance.

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22 Responses

  1. Ashley Mort says:

    Well, at that price, how many clients do you really need?

  2. Bunnie says:

    Contrary to the garbage I’ve heard for years about women NOT bulking, I tend to get stocky (that’s one step short of bulky) from heavy weights, and prefer the variety of all sorts of workouts. Tracy Anderson’s exercises are simply old-school body conditioning from the 80s, redone for a modern audience, and they work for me. Frankly, it’s the stank attitude you give off in your posts that keep people fat; why would they bother to go to gym to be constantly judged?

  3. wrascallywrabbit says:

    @ Bunnie, honey if you’re gaining muscle mass you’re either not in a calorie deficit (eating too much) or you have more testosterone in your veins than most women. It is true that a very small percentage of women do “Bulk Up” because they have a smidge more testosterone in their veins than most women. But for the 99% of all other women, if you are in a calorie deficit and weight training it is impossible to gain large muscles.

    There’s also a lot of psychological factors that make women “Think” they are getting bulky. If you took measurements before and after your supposed BULK UP then you’d see that most is in your head and the mirror is playing tricks on you.

    I for one am disappointed in Gwenyth who is an incredible actress and seems to be smarter than most putting her star power behind this “accessory muscle lady” What a joke.

  4. Jason says:

    Wow Bunnie… way to take something Kevin said and make it into something larger then it really is. The point of the post is the extreme costs to do something you could do at home for about $100 3 times a week. Nice article Kevin, I just hope the people who have that kind of time and money start buying books from Cosgrove and the like.

  5. Amanda says:

    And now this came up on Nytimes: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/19/fashion/19fitness.html?partner=rss&emc=rss

    Pffff…Tracey Anderson is passe – now its all about Michelle Obama’s buff arms. 🙂

  6. dp. says:

    Well, I have gotten a bit “bulky”, esp in the arms, from lifting heavy weight and doing power training. You know what else? It doesn’t really bother me.

    I don’t think Kevin’s attitude is keeping people fat. I think people shoving too much food in their mouths and not moving around enough is keeping them fat.

    If you are internet savvy enough to navigate your way to this blog, then you are entirely capable of finding your way to something that works for you.

    I think Tracy Anderson is a douchebag.

  7. Galya says:

    Some people make good $ telling people what they like to hear 🙂 We’ll see more like this celeb trainers come and go. Makes me wonder if they come up with crap on purpose or it just happens that they believe in crap?

  8. BobParr says:

    Sorry, Bunnie, but defending Anderson’s ideas as “old-school body conditioning from the 80s” just won’t cut it with anyone who has even the most basic understanding of exercise science. I suppose that dumb people ought to have the freedom to flush their money down the toilet if that’s their choice, but that doesn’t mean the media should take crap and present it as fact, as People magazine did with Anderson.

    What if someone were to set-up a 1700s-style medical practice that centered on bloodletting to cure illness? You’d find at least a few patients who would believe this works. But, the medical establishment would quickly shut it down, the “old-school” doc would probably go to jail, and the media would treat it as a joke. Why should Anderson get a free pass?

  9. Irene says:

    I was REALLY trying to hold myself back from posting… but…. Damn!
    Trainers like Tracy found their niche . In a way it is a bit like profitting from warfare. In my experience as a personal trainer I have met women who would really like to look anorexic and I have done everything in my power to prevent them from doing that.
    Extreme amounts of cardio and very little food are often a very high price for the amount of result they are actually getting. After some time they just need to increase cardio and decrease food even more because it is no longer working so instead of trying something new… they keep just continue on that downward spiral. But yes, they really want that skinny look… *sigh* NOT ON MY WATCH!
    Men are partially to blame for that. A lot of men do not have ”balls” (for the lack of a better word) to date girls with awsome muscles often because they would not want their girl to have bigger biceps than themselves, which is fair enough. So in a way it is a huge matter of taste. Some guys like that look and I guess it is fair there are girls who look that way. And as long as there will be girls who want to look that way there will be trainers who offer them to get that look.
    I am not a fan of Poor Tracy but in her defence I’d like to mention that her clients are not necessarily looking for health. They want to get major roles and with all the size zero craze women on the silver screen are often tiny. Some will do drugs to look skinny so I guess Tracy offers then a healthier solution than doing coke or meth (or whatever it is they do). So yay to her and.. I will now go on figure athlete and read some of Jen Heath´s stuff instead – cos she rocks my world!
    Thank you Kevin for letting us ran ton the topics we love most and than you for FITCAST!
    Huge hug from sunny Denmark!

  10. Manny Prieto says:

    It’s one thing to train differently to achieve a certain “look” – I know Leigh has hinted about this on The FitCast and it is something that Valerie Waters talks a lot about too. And people are entitled to their opinions (even if they happen to defy the laws of physiology). But charging people up the wazoo for this stuff and then running away with their money is just plain wrong.

  11. Dan says:

    Here’s the thing. The argument of women getting bulky has a major hole in it. Sure, women can gain muscle, and if they are lifting weights and adding volume they may get bulky, but…….. It takes excess calories to build muscle, and it takes a lot of excess to get “bulky”. For 99% of women lifting weights, they are going to get lean, muscular, and “toned” The ones that are going toget “bulky” are the ones that are not paying attention to diet, or were fat in the first place. Muscle is denser than fat, so you should be much happier being a “bulky” 150lbs rather than a fat 150lbs. These facts pretty much put a gaping hole into the argument of anyone who suggests that women will get too bulky if they lift weights. The only other thing to consider, is to not overdevelop or emphasize the muscles that will make a female less femanine. For the most part this is huge traps, and a thick waist.

    But ya, if you want to look like a runway model, then do what runway models do……

  12. P. J. Striet says:

    How to look “bulky”: have developed muscle tissue and excess body fat.
    How to look lean, “toned”, “sculpted”: have develped muscle tissue and a low level of body fat.

    It’s got nothing to do weight, sets/reps, the training modality, etc. The idea that one can achieve a certain “look” by manipulating sets, resistance, reps, and using a theraband is utter bullshit. Muscles get bigger, smaller, or stay the same size. The don’t get “sculpted”, “bulky”, or “lean and long”. If you want “long lean muscles”, cut the tendon from the bone, stretch out the entire muscle strucutre, and have it re-attached further down the lever.

    It’s amazing to me that 40 year old women worry about gaining too much muscle when 19 year guys, who are training until their eyeballs pop out, bitch about not being able to gain enough. Worrying about gaining too much muscle through weight training is the equivalent of not playing golf too often because you might get “too good”. It’s not going to happen except for a select few.

    PJ Striet

  13. Irene says:

    I am going to be so tempted to use “If you want “long lean muscles”, cut the tendon from the bone, stretch out the entire muscle strucutre, and have it re-attached further down the lever” from now on 😀

  14. Bill says:

    My g/f had told me about this earlier in the week after she had heard me griping about how much this woman is a hack. I looked her up online and apparently she also rips of her clients by taking their money, not just by giving awful workout advice. Enjoy:

    “But in her home state of Indiana, her financial affairs are mired in years of bad business decisions, lawsuits, and unpaid bills. Just eight months ago, when she abruptly closed her Fishers fitness studio, she left behind a string of jilted clients—many of whom had prepaid hundreds or even thousands of dollars for training sessions. The business partner–turned-boyfriend who built her unique exercise machines says she took him for hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

    I read elsewhere (but couldn’t find it again) that she stole that machine from the guy who helped her created it and made him foot the bill with a few companies to the point where he went bankrupt.

    The machine is also unpatented according to him. Kevin, I think you should step up and work on making it your own. hahaha

  15. Pete Lopeno says:

    Wow Bunnie! Way to over react! Kevin is judging a trainer and her training methods… Not some random person in the gym… Good Lord!

  16. Don't Knock It Till you Try It says:

    Obviously, different things will work for different people. What I think is unfair and misguided is that people can’t seem to separate this woman’s personal life from the services she offers to her clients. I have worked with Tracy on two separate occasions (for 6 months in 2006 and presently)–and BOTH times I have seen significant results, despite a massive evolution her method over the last few years. In 2006, I worked with her Hybrid Body Reformer machine, did NO cardio with her at all and did NOT follow her diets. And I still lost 29 inches overall in 6 months. It’s fun, it’s motivating, it’s tangible, it changes every 5-10 sessions depending on your program, it’s a nice environment to work out in (clean, bright, friendly, where a woman doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable). And I have been waiting with baited breath for the last 2 and half years for her to make it to NY. So naturally, I am excited to be back in training with her method again. And this time around I’ve lost 8.5 pounds and come down a dress size in a month–mind you after being in the WORST shape of my life.

    Let me make a few things clear: she does NOT require you to work out 12 hours a week–I don’t–(in fact if you watch her cardio DVD she recommends FOUR times per week and routine is 45 MINS), she does NOT require you to starve yourself (the menus are OPTIONAL–and they are closer to 1500 calories per day than 1000), she does NOT require you to pay for a full year up front, she will NOT force you to do the same routines or eat the same menus as the person standing next to you because she WILL customize your workouts to be most suitable to you and the results you would like to achieve.

    Say what you will about her allegedly messy personal life…I never had a single problem at the LA studio and I have no problems no. And regardless–it works. I have never been skinny, but I always been active (was a dancer for 14 years, played soccer, etc.) and have tried a ton of different things (up to and including boxing) and NOTHING has ever had the results that Tracy’s method does–especially on my super problem areas.

    People are always entitled to their opinions, but like I said–don’t knock it until you try it…you might be very pleasantly surprised.

  17. Victoria Leonova says:

    Tracy Anderson is amazing. Her workouts are the best for my body, and I have tried many different methods before. YES, your body can bulk up more from certain exercises than others (that is why Pilates was created after all). You don’t even need a degree in nutrition or physiology to know that. I recommend Tracy Anderson to everyone who wants longer, leaner, smaller muscles. I don’t care where she got her ideas from. All I know is that she is presenting something that I have not seen from anyone else. If you don’t like it, then don’t try it. Stop criticising an amazing plan you most likely have not tried.

  18. lisa says:

    I agree that the gym membership is just too expensive for the majority of the population, unfortunately including myself. However, I must say that I use Tracey Anderson’s DVD workouts and my body is responding very quickly. I don’t think it’s fair to judge her when so many people are getting results from her workouts. I know five other people who have dieted and exercised for years, I told them about Tracey’s DVD workouts and I see remarkable results from them in what is now just four weeks. Her method is solid and different. I personally scream during her 3pound arm series yet I can lay on a bench and press higher weight and not feel the same burn after a twenty minute arm series. I think it is important to find what works for you and stick with it. Guess based on the blog Tracey is not for everyone but I can sure say I appreciate her.

  19. Sent says:


    “YES, your body can bulk up more from certain exercises than others (that is why Pilates was created after all). You don’t even need a degree in nutrition or physiology to know that.”

    …Sigh, do you even listen to this podcast or read about nutrition? Oh wait I already know the answer to that one.

  20. Will Wayland says:

    This is either some impressive trolling or Dogma is alive and will in fitness

  21. truet says:

    I wondered if that partner she hosed wld pop up here, but that rumor is absolutely false. alot of the bashing on her is coming from that guy. hes the stalking,jealous type that wont leave her alone. search the net. hes plastered his “do you realize” note all over sites. he even did a story with the national enquirer trying to say she screwed him, and you know how real that mag is. im still waiting for elvis to return from the aliens. that guy has a past before he joined up with her. hes the one responsible for fishers and LA places cause he owned it all, cars,house and bank accounts. only thing with her name was on was the window. he had several lawsuits placed on him before tas for not paying companies he hired to do work on a park he was building(which ideas were taken from several people) One was for 1 million alone and others added up to near 500k. he took what money was left to build that place and used for tas during those suits. 10 jobs were lost cause he realized he cld meet mado and gwn and make money off of rich housewives or women desperate for a change. that dude spent money like he was donald trump. then the dude files bankruptcy to get out of those lawsuits and a month later hes driving around a brand new escalade. WOW. i think anderson is doing something right for people to get results but its probably not for everyone.(like most diets or workouts)

  22. Andrew Webber says:

    Pilates was not created as a system for people not wanting to bulk up!

    Joseph Pilates created it to help himself out as he was a train wreck.

    * I do not endorse Pilates, Shut up and squat!