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bbe2By: Kevin Larrabee, CSCS

This book has been a long time in the making. Finally it has arrived and in the span of a 4 hour car ride and a 60 minute session on the treadmill Leigh Peele dropped a multitude of knowledge bombs that will change the way I look at diet and nutrition from now on. And yes, I said in the car. Why? Because Leigh went through the trouble of doing an audio book version as well! Perfect for me and obviously you if you listen to the FitCast on your iPod, computer, or other MP3 player.

BBE is really broken up into several parts: An full blown book on nutrition which covers how to really read, dissect, and detect the research out there. Leigh also covers various topics such as artificial sweeteners, xenoestrogens, organics, and really the most interesting, the history of food. Why is this so interesting? Well, there are a few reasons:

1. We need to look at our past to make sure we don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future.

2. To see how the food industry has evolved or devolved depending on how you look at it.

3. Really look at how a paleo diet works in the world we live in today (Including simulations. Seriously!)

OK, now that I let my inner nerd come out for a bit let’s get back to what else is in the books. Leigh also goes into movement/exercise with a few discussions on NEAT, EPOC, and how you can actually burn hundreds of calories just cooking your damn food! Again, the big deal here is that LEIGH TESTED EVERYTHING! She had people using Body Buggs and other devices to ACCURATELY measure calories expenditure for men and women.

Another section covers calculating calories based on your goals, amount of activity, ect. including easy to use formulas. Leigh doesn’t mess around here. There is even a sort of questionnaire to determine home much you REALLY move. It is really quite brilliant and I look forward to using it with my clients immediately!

This is also a fat-loss and muscle building book as well. Leigh covers how to “Quick Start” your fat-loss (see Destination Abs to see what she can do!) and minimum macronutrient and calorie needs to build lean muscle mass.

Last thing I am going to mention about the main book, there is something of a F.A.Q. section that covers everything from what to do if you eat too much protein to how many times per day you should eat to…you get the picture…

Just the first book alone is worth the price of Body By Eats. I have it printed and now consider it my Nutrition Bible. Especially the last section on calculating calories, macronutrients and answers to just about every question you could possibly have.

Now to the recipes. Leigh includes three recipe books separate from the stuff in the main BBE book: Veggie, Desserts, and Bulking. All three of the books have detailed descriptions on preparation, and more importantly professional pictures so you can get a preview of what you will be making. Before going forward, I am no cook. I just mix things that are good for me together and hope for the best. I made the french toast in the main Body By Eats book on Saturday after training…And holy s**t!!! AMAZING and pretty damn good for you with a good amount of fiber (who doesn’t need more of that?!?).

All of the recipes have the macronutrients and calories clearly broken down so you can plan accordingly be it a low day or that glorious refeed day!

So, that is my review. These books are nothing short of outstanding in terms of content, writing, and the layout. If you are reading this, Body By Eats is for you. Period. Do yourself and your taste buds a favor and buy Body By Eats. It is win-win for achieving your body composition goals while sparing the torture of bland food!

The book goes on sale at 12pm on Wednesday October 21st.

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  1. Katie Nemargut says:

    Kevin I really love your review of the books.

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