Review: Fat Loss Forever

Intermittent Fasting is the new “It” thing. Everybody is talking about it. Probably because thousands are having success with it thanks to how it simplifies your caloric deficit. Currently there are three templates people are using for their fasting setup: Brad Pilon’s, “Eat Stop Eat,” Martin Berkhan’s, “Lean Gains,” and Ori Hofmekler’s, “Warrior Diet.” All three of them have different take on utilizing the benefits that fasting can bring, John Romaniello combined the three for optimal scheduling and what he believes is the most efficient setup for fat loss with Fat Loss Forever.

After reviewing all of the books that John and Dan Go put together, it is clear that they put together one hell of a package to get anyone who is interested in Intermittent Fasting. Let’s take a look at what is included real quick:

  • Fat Loss Forever Manual (This is the main book that houses all the how and why behind the program)
  • Fat Loss Forever Lifting Manuals (John breaks down the workouts into the following categories: GH Surge (formally Lactic Acid Workouts), Complexes, Density, and Dynamic Workouts
  • Food Guide (Focuses on what foods you should consume)
  • Supplement Manual
  • Program Calendar: this makes the program idiot proof. They spell out how you should eat and train on each day of the week. There is some wiggle room based on your schedule.

The Fat Loss Forever Manual hits on the biggest obstacles when it comes to IF. One of the simple but important ones is, “Only buy your cheat foods on the day of your cheat day. Then after the day is done GET RID OF THEM. Remember? If itʼs there youʼll eat it? Throw them in the trash once the Cheat Day is over.” Again, it might sound simple, but it is a reality that some people just don’t want face because they feel like they are wasting food.

They also include a list of Fasting Tips that will help curb appetite and keep you on track and losing fat consistently.  Trust me, when you are 24 hours into a 36 hour fast, you will need all the help you can get! Fat Loss Forever does a great job removing all of the boundaries that might get in your way and gives you all the help you need to succeed. 

Now to the training program. John and Dan have tailored the lifting program precisely for the type of fasting that you are doing that day. This is important as training while doing IF is a balancing act making sure that you are not overdoing it in the weight room while in such a deficit. Otherwise you might find yourself so tired from the previous session that your lifts will find their way down to the dumps. You won’t be doing bicep curls and leg presses. John is utilizing multijoint exercises like lunges, push ups, chin ups, deadlifts, etc., to get the most out of your time lifting.

Overall I think John and Dan did a great job cultivating a ton of information into one book and it will be interesting to see how people do on the modified IF setup that utilizes the best aspects of every program. If you are interested in Intermittent Fasting, I highly recommend checking out Fat Loss Forever.

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