Review: Functional Strength Coach 3.0

functional_strength_coachThere are three or four people in the industry that I turn to for the latest and greatest in strength and conditioning. Mike Boyle is at the top of that list. Since I was in college I have seen Mike present six times, and on every single occasion I went homeĀ  more competent and educated in this field many of us love and have made our profession. Yes, there is tons of information in these 8 DVDs, but the most important aspect of this package is Mike. Just watching him present gets you pumped up to be a better coach, trainer, or weekend warrior. The passion and enthusiasm really pours out of the guy. It is the main reason why I went to go work for Mike, just being around him is infectious (in the non swine flu type of way). One more quick example of this is at his seminars. Mike literally sits with dozens of people who came and takes the time (at Ryan Lee’s Boot Camp it was literally over an hour) to answer questions and just talk shop. Because Mike has coach for all of these years he has that anecdotal evidence you just won’t find from a 12-week study.

Now lets talk about the content of these DVDs:

The first two DVDs cover Mike’s joint-by-joint approach to training. This by itself is worth $200, for many of you it will change the way you look at mobility, stability, and program design. You will have one of those, “son of a bitch how didn’t I think of that?” moments. In the third DVD Mike talks about the lumbar spine and the mobility vs stability debate. This 45 minute section will end it.

The next two DVDs are practicals with Mike going through the flexibility and mobility circuits that he uses at Boston University. He sets up ten stations and goes through 10 flexibility and mobility movements and some of their progressions. Workout Muse is used to keep all of the athletes on the same page and done in a reasonable amount of time.

After the hands on stuff we go back to the slides where Mike talks about core development. Anti-rotation, planks, rollouts and their progressions are gone through here. Basically which movements to use for certain situations (think back pain clients) and how to progress them so they can gradually increase the load. The TRX also comes into play here with some newer exercises and progressions including TRX rollouts, planks, and more. This may be the most important DVD for some of you since almost everyone will suffer from some kind of low back pain in their lifetime. You need to know how to address it.

Finally for the last two DVDs Mike talks about how he trains his athletes from pro to middle school. No stone is left unturned here, as Mike says, he has nothing to hide, there are no secrets after these DVDs come out. He also addresses the CNS intensive workout project and the results. What he says here may surprise you…

Included in the package is a binder will all of the slides and workout templates to see how Mike designs the programs.

Overall is this a good purchase at $199? What do you think? Can you spare $200 to become a better coach? What is it worth to you? If you take what you do as a trainer, coach, or athlete with any kind of seriousness or passion, that is a resounding YES. Go buy it now and in 8 hours be leaps and bounds ahead of others in your field.

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