Review: Nick Tumminello’s Warm Up Progressions 1 and 2

wupBy: Kevin Larrabee, CSCS

Training without properly warming up is like bungee jumping with a cord sprayed with liquid nitrogen (OK, maybe not that severe, but just go with it). My clients will usually spend 10-15 minutes warming up including foam rolling, muscle activation, and dynamic movements. When a new resource comes out that can help my clients (and myself) warm up more efficiently I usually get really excited.

Nick Tumminello of Performance U and put together two great DVDs with new movements and progressions that you probably haven’t seen elsewhere. Many of you probably have Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson’s Magnificent Mobility. I can assure you that Nick’s DVDs do not replicate any of the movements from MM so don’t hesitate picking these up to bolster your warm-up database. These act as a great companion to MM and Inside-Out.

Each movement is setup with three progressions for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced client/athlete. I promise you that there will be a good dozen variations that you have never seen/used before in these DVDs. The production value is high and setup in a way that makes going back to the DVDs for reference very easy.  At $79 for the pair of DVDs, for less than the price of one training session, you can get a new library of warm-ups. Pick it up now.

Here is a quick preview of how the DVDs are setup:


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