Should We Censor The FitCast?

comHey listeners. Jon, Leigh and I have been debating this issue quite a bit these last few weeks. And we really don’t know what to do. On the one hand, I don’t want our future generation to overhear us dropping f-bombs while their parents listen to the show in the car or at the computer. On the other, I think the casual aspect of the show adds some humanity and entertainment to the show. And no, you don’t need to swear to be funny, but it is kind of more natural.

So I want to poll you, the listeners, and I want you to post in the comments what you have to say and discuss with other listeners what the best course of action is. Thanks for taking your time to do this, and thanks for your continued support.

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50 Responses

  1. El. Z. says:

    Guys, it is fine, cool, and appropriate to curse at times. However, other times it does indeed reflect some unpleasant aspects of one’s personality.

    As such, I would encourage selective cursing. Think before you swear.

    It is very easy to overdo. Just like garlic on your “Pizza.” A little bit will spice it up perfectly, but too much will render it inedible.


  2. Randy says:

    Don’t censor your show, the stupid “boing” sound is a terrible.

  3. c says:

    Don’t censor! We prefer to hear Leigh’s potty mouth.

  4. VinnyG says:

    I would rather you use the “natural” language. It is really your choice to change the podcast.
    The market is much larger for a “clean” cast, maybe try a few, don’t boast about just test it out. Frame the conversation like you are at the gym in front of clients.
    While you are at it say thanks to John for actually understanding my email that you messed up and called the weirdest email but John delivered a succinct reply with some great material to ponder.

    mid LIFER Vinny

    damn kids anyway …………

  5. Chris says:

    I don’t think it’s a big deal to drop f-bombs or whatever. In fact, I don’t even notice. The uncut, real conversation is one of the things I like about The Fitcast.

  6. Anthony says:

    I prefer it in it’s current format.

    I enjoy the casual presentation, and I don’t notice the course language. It is hardly that prominant.

  7. Alex says:

    Why not do both? Have two podcasts, one censored, one not? Let the people choose?

    Now I’m going to do some f****** deadlifts.

  8. PegLeg says:

    Hell no, don’t censor the f*&#$ng show! Those of us with small children who are concerned about them hearing cuss words will continue to listen to your show via headphones or while the kiddos are occupied in another room. Those listeners with virgin ears can seek out an alternative show.

  9. shari3boys says:

    I was the mom that said i would like to be able to listen to it with the “f” bombs while im home doing laundry etc…
    HOWEVER and this is a BIG however……I DO NOT WANT yall to change or sacrifice the “being real” bc that is why i love yall so much….so to that I say…well i can deal with the “f” bombs if i need to and just not listen to it while they are around….I would much prefer to have the “f” bombs then to have you guys start getting all stiff on us! Ya know what im saying? I really didnt listen to it that much with the 4 kiddies around anyway, it is mostly on my walks in the morning…so im down for whatever yall do, and either way i am a HUGE FAN!!! and I love the down to earth style


  10. shari3boys says:


    “listen to it WITHOUT the “f” bombs…


  11. Larry says:

    Fuck the kids! (kids don’t read these days) Kidding. Don’t censor. Don’t think about swearing, that seems kind of forced. If it happens, it happens. I like when you guys have a flow. Who listens to the Fitcast with the kids in the car? I have two kids, grant it they are 17 and 13. Additionally, they wouldn’t even hear you talking with ipods in and constant texting. They see more on the TV then they could possibly hear on the Fitcast. If you have rug rats in a car seat, you are too distracted, telling them to “shut the fuck up, to listen to the Fitcast. And do parents really think the kids are captivated by what they listen to? If the little ones never heard a swear word, how would they distinguish “shit” from “Iliotibial Band Syndrome”. For those who say you’re intellectually weak when you utilize swear words…right, fucking losers;). Some people need to lighten up. I’m intellectually weak you’re intellectually strong, you win smarty pants. Now get back to computer chess and let us listen to Leigh swear.

  12. Andy says:

    My vote is for no censor. The swearing at this point is not out of control. This maybe something to re-visit from time to time.

  13. Chris says:

    I do not think it should be totally censored. I think that the main part of the show with the mailbag could be censored but definitely not the off-topic. I think that the off-topic should reflect the way that people in the host’s age group would speak to each other. Parents with kids should simply not listen to the off-topic in front of their children. I think that is the best compromise that can be made while satisfying both parties: those for profanity and those against it.

  14. Will A. Carpenter says:

    I agree with the first post above… leave it in, but maybe watch it.

    I personally have been trying really hard to cut down on swearing. Especially when I’m angry.

    In many of the early Jimmy/Keith/Tony/Jen episodes there weren’t very many swears at all. I think maybe you have all become too accustomed to swears.

    Like any exercise you can adapt to a way of training, maybe you’ve been training yourself to use a few too many swears. Maybe you should just try not to swear as much, but if it happens…it happens.

    Besides, the itunes explicit label certainly isn’t HURTING anything,and if it is…maybe we don’t want those people listening anyway.


  15. Bill says:

    The motive behind the fitcast is a group of people talking about what they enjoy and the subtile promotion of their careers and the careers of the guests of the show. That is awesome – nothing wrong with that. Much better than the flagrant promotion of a corporately sponsored show with the information scripted to sell supplements. With that said – do what you wish regarding swearing. I personally think the show is better when the cast can say what is on their minds without thinking about sensors. But know the show is in essence a professional endeavor for you guys which is a reason to keep up a reasonable level of socially acceptable conduct.

  16. Kevin says:

    As I think that the on-topic portion is of a more professional nature/interest I think that portion should be family friendly. In the off-topic do as you will – people get what they are asking for when they listen to that portion (i.e. sometime funny, sometimes not 😉 )

  17. Suzanne says:

    New concept, don’t listen to fitcast at work. You should be working and getting us out of this recession.

  18. I didn’t vote because I think that the answer is in between. Minor words that are everyday language (like d***, s***, a**, and even maybe b****) are fine. But I would like to avoid the f-bomb and other more crude words (you usually don’t use those crude words, often associated with anatomy!).

    I think it’d be a shame if you guys are always worried about what to say and what not to say – it will take away your fun and naturalness, which will make it more boring for us. But avoid a few words (not exactly like, but similar to George Carlin’s old list) might be a good idea.

  19. Rob says:

    I just listened to the last off topic and then went back to some of your old podcasts and listened to them – your podcast has changed and you need to recognize how much. At the beginning it was, as Kevin described, a bunch of people sitting around talking.

    Now, though, it has become a very good source of fitness and nutrition information – something that I want to be able to share with my kids (which should say something about the quality of the information you’re putting out there). Given that, I’d appreciate it if you could minimize the f-bombs in the on-topic section. I’m fine with uncensored off-topic and I’ll take my chances letting the kids listen.

    All in all, I think you should recognize the value of what you’re putting together, at least from our perspective – we think it’s important enough to share with our kids.

  20. Ruben says:

    Kevin, Leigh, Jon

    If you censor the Fitcast, it will no longer be the Fitcast.
    A bunch of friend sharing great information.
    The ones who think you should censor the show have the power to not listen.
    Easy as that. Just do not listen. Turn it off. Go find some other program.

    Leigh mentioned the kids might listen and that for them she would not curse so much. I have two kids. And I have the power to not expose them to what I consider bad for them.

    Besides, you do not curse that much. Curious how it came to this. Shows that you guys do have our best interest since you are willing to change. I just hope you dont. Superb job you guys do!!

  21. Kujo says:

    Don’t censor the show. Just make a conscious effort not to swear during the recording.

  22. Roy says:

    Think about the children! \sarc

    Keep it real and natural. The beauty of this podcast is that it never sounds scripted or forced. And a note to those parents who don’t want their children hearing “foul” language: It’s YOUR job to censor what you want your children to hear, NOT Kevin’s.

    Kevin: Perhaps you could just put an “explicit language” tag on the podcast (and watch your ratings double).

  23. dcmcfit says:

    Fuck it! Keep it the way it is. If ya don’t like it, turn it off.

  24. Alison says:

    I more than understand someone questioning (or even criticizing) a piece of advice or another’s training methods, because I consider blind acceptance to be as troubling as ignorance. But their diction? If it isn’t a slur, isn’t meant maliciously, and is made in jest, I see no reason why it should even be a matter for discussion.

    All this fuss over a few cuss words is just ridiculous.

  25. wpstx says:

    “It Depends” is a lot less interesting than “It Fing Depends”

  26. Alfred says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t like the show to be censored. Not because I love swear words but because what attracts me to the show is that you guys seem to have so much fun doing it, and I have fun listening. And on top of that I learn something. Whatever you guys decide to do as long as you’re comfortable doing it is fine by me.

  27. Lars says:

    Maybe it´s just me listening from across the pond, but this debate is soooo american, I mean You have a first class series like “Deadwood” where the language is sometimes less than pristine, and as I understand it was very popular.

    This (the Fit Cast) is a podcast that You choose to listen to, if You don´t like the language then shut it off, how big can the problem be.

    I do not think the american youth will be seriously harmed, being told to exercise, eat sensibly and to take care of themselves even if this comes with an f-bomb being dropped once in a while.

    Kevin and co. keep up Your fantastic work.

    Your effort is really appreciated.

  28. Aaron says:

    I say leave it as it is, plus you guys don’t even use profanities that much. It would take away from the naturalness of the show. Parents with kids should be aware of what they listen to in front of them. I understand the argument about being professional which I agree with but considering that cursing happens seldomly its not a big deal. I believe that you shouldn’t edit yourself because that is who you are.

    Keep it real real son!

  29. Craig says:

    Do not censor. That’s my vote. It’s like watching a show on Showtime/HBO/BBC. It’s what I EXPECT! 😛

  30. John says:

    Personally, bad language doesnt bother me. But if you guys want to sound professional (like you know what you’re talking about) then bad language shouldnt be included…

  31. Pierre Le Count (but I am Australian) says:

    1/ Make the off topic and fitness podcast available as seperate podcasts which can be downloaded independently.
    2/ This way those who are offended by any bad language can still listen to the fitness part of the podcast with their children present. The rest of us also get to enjoy the off topic (which I really enjoy) without it becoming the censored, thought out in advance, nothing really of off topic and non-spontaneous “(not) off topic”

  32. Adam says:

    Love the show but I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and I have had to resort to listening to the show only on my MP3 player so my kids can’t hear it because of the language. So I would greatly appreciate it if the show was censored, however it looks like the numbers are against me. Good luck!

  33. NP says:

    Im a kid, and trust me, all of us swear (im 14). we dont think twice when we here those words, trust me.

    Dont censor, just go with the flow.

  34. Fernando says:

    Definitely DO NOT censor the show. A big percentage of the reason I listen to it is because it’s a fun way to learn more about fitness. If you remove the casual aspects, it’s like watching a news show: BORING.

    That said, considering people with kids and all, why not have two versions? Regular and clean. On the clean one you could just mute the fucks and shits and have people download that if they preferred the show clean. Would that be too much trouble?

    Also, don’t split one show into multiple files. That’s just way to inconvenient. If anything, put a 2 minutes blank space between the end of the on-topic part and the off-topic sections. I wouldn’t mind that.

    In any case, keep it unique, guys, don’t wash away what makes you different! The casual tone is what we like!

  35. Sally says:

    It is difficult to choose all or nothing regarding language on the podcast. I think that too much swearing sounds unprofessional and crass, but an occasional swearword can have a great impact and humor.

    I think your final decision should be based upon how you want to be viewed, who you want your audience to be, and if the information you provide listeners is intended to be more serious/informational or interesting/fun. Personally, I appreciate having the “regular show” and the “off topic” sections separate.

    Keep up the good work and please continue with the “special guest” interviews; I have really enjoyed them.

  36. Mike De Luna says:

    Don’t censor the show or make two versions. By doing so you cater to a small minority of over-protective parents and prudes who have the delusional belief that swearing cheapens discourse. It does not. Misinformation and outright marketing lies in the fitness and nutrition world is what cheapens discourse.

    You folks have the ugly job of ripping apart the garbage that gets aggressively pushed to fitness and nutrition consumers. As one of those consumers, I appreciate the pull-no-punches attitude that the show exudes and sometimes cursing helps to cut right to the chase.

    If the crybabies can’t take the swearing, there is always the soft, ineffective touchy-feely crap on Oprah. Fuck em if they can’t handle it.

  37. h. says:

    I thought fitcast once had “parental advisory” label? i remember hearing about it in one of the earlier shows, when john williams was still around (but i’m getting old, so maybe i’m making shit up in my head)
    maybe you can put the label on again. then it’s the parents’ choices to listen to the shows with their kids.

    I think you should find out the actual demand for the ‘clean’ fitcast…

  38. Jake says:

    I think that if you guys make the effort to not swear, that is good enough. I do not think you should add sound effects to blank it out, but swearing doesn’t usually add much to the conversation.

  39. Justin says:

    Guys, seriously? Think about what keeps your show unique and individual — your character, your opinions and how you express them. Why am I listening to the FitCast as opposed to watching FitTV on cable? Better advice and better personalities.

    Leigh said in her podcast something along the lines of “I’m just google, condensed down.” That hits the nail on the head. At the end of the day the topics and advice discussed on the show can be obtained from differnt sources but it’s the persoalities that bring you back. Read that sentence again.

    Don’t think it stops with swearing — Aragon won’t be able to mention a porn star name … because explaining what a porn star is to little Billy is *much* harder than explaining “shit.”

  40. Pete says:

    The best thing about the fitcast is the relaxed ‘mates talking’ attitude. If you are constantly thinking about what you’re saying or there’s loads of bleeping, it will ruin the feel of the podcast & become just another sterile, generic training podcast out there.Obviously it’s your podcast so you choose how you want to develop it, but censoring it I believe you’ll lose a lot of the feel (& the fan base).

  41. shawn lee says:

    please don’t sensor the show. you guys are great and i really enjoy the show. by the way kevin thanks for getting me hooked on spike shooters

  42. Nils says:

    I listen to this show not only due to the great information, but also due to the nice feel it has and how it actually just sounds like friends talkiing (which it basically is).

    And if the parents aren’t capable of informing and making it apparant to their little kids that swearing is wrong, but most rely on blocking it out through censoring, then they aren’t fit to be parents.

    So please don’t censor it, there’s enough censoring all around us already and it’s like being suffocated.

  43. Stuart says:

    Don’t sensor. Great, relaxed format. Just listening to the off topic & agree with Leigh. It’s good to be conscious of kids listening, but don’t get hung up on it. Adults – Get over it.

  44. BJ says:

    Don’t censor.

  45. Kraig says:

    I’m going to weigh in here, though I see I am in the minority. I would love to enjoy a cleaner FitCast, though I do not think that full on censorship with bleeps or severe editing is necessary. Maybe just more consideration by our beloved hosts and their guests would suffice. I personally do not swear; I’m not hypersensitive to it, I work in a correctional facility and hear F-bombs all day long. However, I do find vulgarity in general unpleasent and would love it if my favorite podcast avoided it.
    The FitCast is fun and educational, a rare combination for fitness fans. But as someone said, “Free speech is enhanced by civility”.
    In response to those who would say, “Find another podcast if you don’t like it.”, I would say, “What other podcast?” This one is one-of-a-kind.

  46. D says:

    I am with Kraig.

    Don’t censor the show but try and keep the swearing to the off topic.

    I know you are trying to keep a relaxed show but people are coming to you for your professional advice — whether that is your format or not so you should be as informally professional as possible.

    A well placed f-bomb can be good but I often find the f-bombs used on the fit cast are a little awkward and don’t improve the quality of the show.

  47. Carol says:

    I’m not offended by it, but you definately sound more professional if you keep it to a minimum. Sometimes a good (natural)f-bomb is really funny, but I don’t think you want to make it the norm.

  48. Elise says:

    I enjoy the podcasts and the wealth of knowledge that you share but, I have to admit, I catch myself wondering how old you guys are and thinking how great you’ll be when you mature a little. Keep up the good work but maybe in a slightly more “adult” professional manner =D

  49. Ben says:

    It doesn’t bother me at all. Keep up the good work.

  50. Mp says:

    Doesn’t bother me per se – but seems unnecessary. I like the “uncanned” casual presentation generally speaking – but think the program could be “tightened” up just a bit, perhaps keep the audio pace a bit quicker (lessen “off topics” without purging all personality) – use web links as followup for things that require more detail or explanation. Generally speaking a good program.